Driverless vehicles within 10 years? - perro
One of the compelling arguments for them is that the machine can't have had an argument with his wife in the morning!
Driverless vehicles within 10 years? - maz64
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Driverless vehicles within 10 years? - TheOilBurner
If it ever does happen, then I predict a big increase in cycling and other activities where you actually get to drive the vehicle yourself.

Why? Well I can't imagine we'll be allowed to drive for long after the acceptance of these cars, insurance companies will charge massive extra premiums if you have the nerve to turn your driverless car autopilot off and take charge of it yourself. Wait and see..

Me, I can't imagine a future any more depressing than having a car that drives itself, except for maybe a 30mph national speed limit! :)

Of course, the 90% of the population that see driving as a means to an end and cars like white goods will be delighted if they don't have to bother with that tiresome chore of driving anymore....