96 2.0 Activa Clutch Issues - SolarEclipse
The clutch pedal goes right down to the floor on my Activa & am unable to select gears.
Observing the clutch cable at the transmission end I cannot see any way of adjusting it
so I think it must be an automatic adjusting cable.
I learn a plastic clutch clip near the pedal often fails on Xantias.I'll be looking at this next.
The garage tells me the clutch must have gone.It's only done 38K!
Surely it can't have gone so soon?!Anyone experienced similar?Any advice most welcome.
96 2.0 Activa Clutch Issues - mjm
It sounds like the classic clutch clip problem.
I suggest that you have a search through the french car forum. There is a very active Activa section.


96 2.0 Activa Clutch Issues - SolarEclipse
Justed posted my query on this forum ... appreciated!