Ducato 06 2.3 Rear door locks - muddleme

My fiat ducato lwb van has had the rear door lock damaged due to attempted theft.

the lock needs replacing.
I phoned Fiat for a price of a new barrel. They have told me I need to replace all the locks on the vehicle, and the price starts at £350.

The vehicle does have central locking, so I assume it is something to do with that.

Can someone tell me if Fiat are correct, or can I just change the barrel and have a separate key?

Many thanks

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06 2.3 Rear door locks - oilrag
If you can find a barrel from another van it may be possible to modify the tumblers to take your existing key - or at least it is with a Mk2 Punto.
The downside of that is that more than one key will fit. Failing that its either find a barrel complete with a key at a scrappers - or order the lockset - use the rear lock and save the others as spares.

To alter a set of tumblers you insert your existing key and grind off the remaining *protruding* tumblers. With access to a few barrels its possible to find one that needs minimal tumbler modification.
All this takes time and the door is less secure.

Fiats charge for a new lock set (ring parts) will be much less than your quote from them which includes labour for changing all locks. It should be easy to DIY just the rear door lock and have it on a separate key.

Good luck in sorting it.

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06 2.3 Rear door locks - oilrag
Based on my Punto estimates locally

Full lock set fitted by Fiat - fitted £320
Full lock set from parts £120
Used lock with key from breakers £7.50
lock without key £3

Time to strip door and lock and modify tumblers (hand tools) 3 hrs.
All from memory so may not be totally accurate
06 2.3 Rear door locks - muddleme
Thanks for taking the time to type such a comprehensive response. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
06 2.3 Rear door locks - oilrag
You`re welcome ;-)