01 2.0 Fuel Supply Problem? - pehu
I have a 2001 Mk3 diesel with a TDDi engine. I would appreciate some help please.
Today, the car was running quite happily but then appeared to"misfire" and judder a bit. I pulled into a layby and tried to rev it up to see if it would clear but it didn't, only a lot of knocking noise from the engine, then it stopped and I couldn't restart. I had no warning lights come up and the engine did not overheat. However, having waited about an hour, I started it up again and it ran OK, no problems at all so I continued my journey. BUT in a couple of miles the same thing happened and I had to get a recovery vehicle out. By the time the truck arrived, the driver could drive the car on and off OK.
The car has done 170,000 miles and as far as I know has not had the fuel filter replaced. Could this be the problem? Any advice would be appreciated

01 2.0 Fuel Supply Problem? - Rich320d
Certainly worth giving it a good service and changing all the filters before you seek garage help, something might be blocked.

This website has a lot of Mondeo info:

01 2.0 Fuel Supply Problem? - kithmo
I would say that the fuel filter would definitely need changing, it should be changed every 27,500 miles or 3 years.
01 2.0 Fuel Supply Problem? - spikeyhead {p}
Is there a lift pump on these? could be that it's not running