04 1.9 Car stopped just after i filled up - stew1979
well let me explain from the start, i went to the shell garage on tuesday 11.08.09 like i do every 3-4 days and filled my car up to the brim with diesel. i started my car and only after 1.8 miles i was pulling up to a set of lights when it felt like i stalled it so i turned the key and the car was trying to start but wouldnt (if you know what i mean) the engine was turning over but not starting.

after ringing the AA they came along and un done the pipe that goes to the filter and sprayed a little carbon monoxide/dioxide into it and it started first time. The car then continued to be running. we turned the engine off and then back on and it worked like it always has. The AA guy plugged his laptop into the engine management and there were no fault codes coming up on his screen he did the normal rev tests and he said things were fine.

Today Thursday 13.08.09 i have started the car this morning and drove from Birmingham to Leeds as i do most days.

The car has done 145,000 miles and it had its long life service at 137,000 it has a full service history the cam belt was changed at 127,000 all from VW Dealer.

The AA guy said it could be the Filter or the Pump not pumping enough fuel, but the tank was full and the filter had only been changed less than 10,000 miles ago.

Question is why has this happend??? did i fill the car too much (can you do that?) as i have always filled it to the brim before and never had any problems with it of could there have been a bit of water in the filter. as you can tell im not techinically minded and dont want to shelling out hundreds of pounds for the problem to happen again.


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