oil dipstick - ah207
Hi everyone - I'm still on the lookout for a replacement oil dipstick as the one that I had is only partially 'working.' By that I mean the plastic grip crumbled off a while back- so I more or less guesstimate where the stop point should be when checking level.

My question is - how come oil dipsticks simply sit on top or the hole - why don't they actually click or screw into the slot much more snugly ? Is it still safe for me to drive around without the plastic grip holding up the dipstick ?
oil dipstick - Lygonos
On my cars the dipsticks fit snugly into their tubes.

Must be a French thing...
oil dipstick - Mick Snutz
I should think its safe to drive. If oil was being forced up the narrow dip stick tube under pressure, lots of us would notice it oozing from the stopper/handle grip. I don't know of any car I've owned where the stopper simply pushed into the hole using nothing more than friction.

Yours could be loose because its worn?

Have you tried GSF for a spare part? They're very good.
oil dipstick - RobertyBob
Just for a moment there I thought we were going to go down the old line:-

"My dipstick doesn't reach the oil". :-)

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