02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG problems - wsmorrisuk
Hello peoples, I wonder if there is anyone that could advise me please. I recently purchased a Vauxhall Astravan Dual fuel. I did buy the vehicle with a problem, and that was that it will not tickover on LPG. Runs on petrol ok but misses now and again,It starts first time every time on petrol,when the engine has reached normal operating temperature, I can switch over to LPG and after a splutter and a little hesiatation,it will run-but you know your'e on LPG. My biggest problem is that when I get to a junction or come to a stop, it will cut out completely. It will start on LPG straight away, but every time I stop this happens I have to keep restarting. Also, when I click the roker switch across to operate the gas, the green light flashes, then goes off after 3 clicks from the tank at the back. Is the green light supposed to stay on whils on LPG ?

The van will tick over on LPG allbeit it a little lumpy, and will drive down the motorway but as I say, you know your'e on gas. Also, If I start on gas again when the engine is at full temperature, it will tick over but if I touch the accelerator slightly, it will cut out.

I've read of EGR valves and filters and vaporizers, but are these things likely to go faulty? and where are they locatated in my engine?

Sorry forum members that this is a bit long winded, just that I like the van but I don't want to have to spend zillions on it to get it right.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Edited and changed model as Combo Van is based on the Corsa, not Astra

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02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - teaboy100
Hi wsmorrisuk

You don't mention the mileage, or service history, but I would immediately suspect that the LPG filter(s) need to be changed, and possibly the vaporiser needs to be cleaned out of any 'heavy ends' (oily residue) that come out of the LPG when its vaporised.
The filters are relatively easy to change yourself - find out which ones you need (either call Vaux service dept, or have a look at the old ones first) and then order replacements (again, either from vaux, or fleabay - one seller does all types of filters for £5 plus postage)

Cleaning the vaporiser is a little more involved, so if you are not sure, then go to any local lpg gas fitter. I don't recommend vaux as they have proved to be pretty useless technically, and expensive.
If the system is a factory fit, then its probably a Koltec VG392. Do a google search, as there's lots of help online with vaporiser cleaning.

Note - if you do some work yourself, take care when undoing any gas pipe as the system is pressurised, and the escaping gas will be very cold. (The tank solenoid will be closed so only a little gas will escape).
02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - glowplug

Post your problems on - www.lpgforum.co.uk/

There's a member there that's spot on with the Koltec system. He's pjpj.

If you just run a search you find quite a bit of info as this sort of question comes up often.

02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - wsmorrisuk
Hi Guys. The mileage is 126,000. It had a new head gasket and radiator before I purchased it. With the really useful advice you guys have kindly given me, I'll try cleaning the vaporizer and change the filter. I am pretty mechanically minded, but does any one know where I would find the filter/s in my astravan?

Really appreciate your help guys, Thank you.
02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - teaboy100
That depends on the system thats fitted.
Assuming its Koltec, then there will be a small filter in the solenoid body attached to the vaporiser (this one isn't so important, and is more difficult to change, so only do it when you attempt to clean the vaporiser. Take care not to damage the brass solenoid when removing. Apparently its possible to snap off if you are too 'enthusiastic'.)

There should be another one in the splitter or distributor that is attached to the output gas pipe from the vaporiser. Follow the large bore rubber pipe from the vaporiser till you get to a metal canister which may then split into 4 smaller pipes (to the 4 injectors) or continue on as a single large bore pipe into the fuel rail. The filter will be inside this canister.
Carb cleaner is useful in dissolving the built up oily residues.

Whilst you're at it, spray some cleaner down the smaller pipes/fuel rail. This will soften and remove some of the oily residue that collects all the way to the gas injectors. When restarting the car, it may stall a few times, as the cleaner is run through the injectors.

If your system is the one with the 'distributor', check on google on how to clean this out. Excellent help on www.askanowner.com including diagrams.
02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - wsmorrisuk
Thanks teaboy for your valued advice. Depending on the weather, I'll have a go at that the weekend. The way the van drives, it does seem like fuel starvation sometimes, so I'm putting my money on the fuel.Lpg filters. Anyhow, I'll follow your advice and let you know of the outcome. Really appreciate the help you guys are giving me. :-)
02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - vandriver4
hi people i have just found this site in google and just joined..i also have problems with my astra van with it cutting out when i approach lights an junctions.it switches itself to and from gas aswel..my main concern tho is that when i am stationery i can really smell the gas in my cab.i think i have detected a leak around my manifold and wonder if i just need a new gasket or something.not to hot on mechanics so can anybody help me...cheers. my van is x reg an has done 95 000 miles if thats any help.
02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - teaboy100
whoops, seems you've been ignored for a couple of months.
Hopefully, you have solved your issues by now.
Any leak would have to be sorted first, before you can diagnose futher issues with your LPG.
Depending on how bad it was, the gas (fuel) leak would give a low fuel pressure problem, and would result in the ecu switching back to petrol.
When you say manifold, do you mean around the injectors? Could be the rubber bushes at the base of the lpg injectors have perished or deteriorated.
What system do you have?
02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - Dynamic Dave
What system do you have?

Unfortunately vandriver4 hasn't returned since posting his message. If that's of course who you were directing your question to?
02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - Gregory II
Is there an online resource where I can obtain information in the form of a manual. This would be very useful for servicing an LPG vehicle as it would need detail. Has anyone come across one on the web before?
02 1.6 Dual Fuel LPG Astravan problems - piston power
There is many lpg vaporisers to just list a way of cleaning and servicing a simple carb back in the day was easy but these things take a bit more work.

They clog up with tar in the vaporiser and require cleaning out the diaphrams get weak or split, overhaul kits supplied to service.

The gas filter lock is overlooked when removed is full of heavy ends it can be done but better left to a specialist if you have never done one. imop................

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