00 2.0 Water getting into bodywork/head liner. - nick_fish
Hi, with the recent heavy rain my W plate 406 HDI seems to have developed a leak. I suspect that it might be from the passenger side top of windscreen / door area as the headliner is damp there.
It also sounds as though the passenger side sill is full of water, I can hear it sloshing around when driving.
I was thinking of putting some silicone sealant around the area the water may be coming in, would that be a good idea or should I be seeking professional advice first?

Does anybody know if there are any drain holes that could be block up so the body work is not draining? I've had a feel under the sill but couldn't find anything.

Any help much appreciated as I suppose this will only get worse.

00 2.0 Water getting into bodywork/head liner. - steve_earwig
Not sure about the head lining, it could be the window seals. I presume the aerial is at the back of the roof, they were very good at leaking on D8s.

Sills seem to fill up when there are clips missing/ broken on the rubber strip that's at the bottom where the doors shut. For years I diligently washed the sills with the doors open and they rusted from the inside out on my D8: tinyurl.com/moqzbo What's generally referred to as drain holes appears more like faults in the spot welding on the jacking points, there might be a hole, there might not. If they're not there make your own: tinyurl.com/l567g6
00 2.0 Water getting into bodywork/head liner. - nick_fish
Hi Steve,
Thanks for the advice and the links.
Cheers Nick