96 3.9 LPG fault - Craigh
Vapour hose and vapour module "frosting" with a gas smell present. The knuckle joint from the module to the hose seemes loose.

The switch inside the car on the dash has a few led's. When the petrol pump symbol is on red, it runs on petrol, but when the button is pushed, it changes to 4 green led's followed by 1 amber and 1 red one, this may mean empty?

I put £15 of LPG in yesterday but this may have leaked out by now.

When it switches over it runs for a few seconds then cuts out. Very hard to restart on petrol.

Any ideas?
96 3.9 LPG fault - piston power
When i worked on lpg on forktrucks this would be either air in coolant and needs bleeding or a crack in gas unit leading to passing gas either needs a new unit or a seal kit.

Never worked on lpg on cars so would be interested to know the fault?