02 1.2 16v won't start. Clicking noise heard - coopy6666
Hi, my 2002 Renault Clio 1.2 16v won't start. It stopped working yesterday, sounded like the battery had gone. Replaced the battery today, but now I can only hearing and clicking noise. Tried bump starting and tried jump leads but neither has worked. Elec windows and lights are still working. Can anyone help?


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02 1.2 16v won't start. Clicking noise heard - davecuk
It's possible that you just have a bad connection between the battery and the car. Check the earth of the battery where it meets the bodywork. If it's this, it's cheap and easy to repair. I have sometimes seen them only hanging on by a few wires, or quite loose.

If it's not the simply problem above, then unfortunately it could be more expensive. e.g. starter motor/solenoid etc..