Tyre Sizes on CRV - sogofish
Will there be a problem if I change the front tires on my CRV 2002 to a 205/60/R16 and keep my rear tyres as 205/65/R16, (only because I can get a pair at no cost). Someone told me that there may be an issue with the 4x4 electronics detecting slippage and activating. Is this possible?
Tyre Sizes on CRV - Manatee
Don't do it. The 60 profile are nominally 0.8" smaller in diameter than the 65, but I wouldn't even mix different brands on this car. When I swapped from Bridgestone to Michelins of the same 205/65R16 size, the Michelins were noticeably bigger - I couldn't get the wheel cover on!

The part time 4wd isn't electronic, it's mechanical, but I would avoid different sizes. There are two opposing hydraulic pumps, one runs off the gearbox, the other off the rear diff. When all wheels are rotating at the same rate, the multiplate clutch in the rear diff case is disengaged. If the fronts turn faster (as when slipping) the extra hydraulic pressure from the front engages this clutch. As soon as the fronts stop slipping, balance is restored and it disengages.

If you run constantly with larger tyres on the back, there is a possibility that this clutch will partially engage, and either wear prematurely or overheat. Running in 4wd on a metalled surface will also wind up the transmission (especially with different tyre sizes), because this car doesn't have a centre differential (it doesn't need one if all the wheels are the same size).

I always rotate all 5 wheels every 7,000 miles or so and replace them all at once for this reason. Maybe I'm over cautious, but as I don't know the risk of running unmatched sizes, I don't do it.
Tyre Sizes on CRV - sogofish
Better safe than sorry! Cheers for that !