03 1.8 Are "Vetech" suspension arms any good? - Wurzel83
Hi all.

Feel a bit cheeky asking for help on my first thread but we all have to start somewhere I guess!

Anyway, I have decided for several reasons to replace the Front O/S Lower Suspension Arm on my Focus Estate TDDI. I normally use Unipart for spares as they are allways the cheapest - but not on this occasion. They wanted £60 + VAT for this part and I remember paying £25 all in when I replaced one on my Escort a few years ago.

So I gave a few other Motor Factors a call. The best price I got was £36 inclusive of VAT . They guy said that it would be a brand such as Pearl or FAI. He said that nowhere can sell "cheap nasty arms" anymore as they all have to comply with ISO 9001 and that all the patten brands were of similar quality.

When I collected and paid I was given one with the brand name of Vetech Original and was advised that the part is just as good as say a Unipart branded one. However, when I look on line, I can not find anything about this brand.

I know there are lots of pople out there who will only recommend Genuine parts, especially Arms on Fords! However I only want to keep the car for another year and ill only put it though one MOT. Ford wanted £90 for this so Im just looking to save a bit of money. Im not even considering the unbranded ones on Ebay for £15.99!

The part no. is as follows: QSA1709S and the packaging is marked SS935237 equivalent to 1073214.

Does anybody know anything about this brand? Anyone ever used the brand before? Any advice would be great. I just dont want to fit it, pay for the tracking to be done, then find in 6 months time its worn out a set of tyres.

03 1.8 Are "Vetech" suspension arms any good? - bathtub tom
If it came from a reputable motor factors, then I'd have no problem.

The one I deal with has been around for a hundred odd years, initially selling re-charged radio batteries, I understand.

On the odd occasion (two IIRC) I've had a problem with with items purchased from them over the last thirty-odd years, I've had no problems obtaining a replacement/refund.
03 1.8 Are "Vetech" suspension arms any good? - Wurzel83
They are a well established Motor Factors - Ltd company with a fleet of vans etc. They advised 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty.

Id just like to know whether anyone has used Vetech before. Maybe its one of those brands which is popular in the continent and America but has only just entered UK markets.
03 1.8 Are "Vetech" suspension arms any good? - bell boy
never heard of them
i would happily fit FAI though and these are available from any decent factor
03 1.8 Are "Vetech" suspension arms any good? - the swiss tony
if its the factors I think... its could be an 'own brand'
keep the invoice but i dont think you will have any problems, most their stuff is good.