97 1.4 Spare wheel bolt turns, but won't undo. - ah207
Hi again. The large nut in the boot which secures the spare tyre just turns and turns without loosening or tightening. Does it need to be pushed, or hammered or lifted in order to release the spare from underneath the car ?

Thanks in advance!

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97 1.4 Spre tyre bolt swivels only - DP
No, as you turn it anticlockwise, it should lower the hook supporting the rear edge of the spare wheel cradle to the point where you can disengage the hook and drop the cradle down.

These cages no match for a hacksaw, and the spare wheels on these cars are notorious for being stolen. My last 306 (an S plater) had an additional bolt and plate securing the cradle to the floor. Is there anything else that looks like it's securing the cradle?

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97 1.4 Spre tyre bolt swivels only - ah207
Thankyou DP! Isn't it amazing how easy a job becomes once you know how! I read your message as soon as you'd posted it - went back to the car and voila! It was simply a matter to turning the nut anticlockwise for a bit longer than I was originally doing. The cradle dropped down easily and I was able to inspect the spare. Looks like it has never been used - its completely unworn, but I guess 12 years of storage have taken their toll on the rim part. Plus there are marks in the rubber where the cradle was in contact. So looks like I'll have to get a new tyre. Had to use tha jack to lift the (heavy!) loaded cradel back up far enough so that the metal hook part met with with the long screw. Then screwed the large nut clockwise with the key - but not too tightly. Its all back in nice and snug.

Yes, I have read about thefts of spare tyres from this type of storage system. Unfortunately my 306 only has the one bolt - so it certainly would be easy for someone to hacksaw it off. Fingers crossed though.

Thanks again for replying - I count myself lucky for getting an answer so quickly!

97 1.4 Spre tyre bolt swivels only - freman
Are you sure that it is the original spare tyre. I would have thought that after 12 years without being used the bolt would have been a bit difficult to move.
97 1.4 Spre tyre bolt swivels only - ah207
Hi - I took the tyre off again to give it a bit if a clean-up (plus to get a bit of practice just incase I do need to change tyres one rainy night!). You're quite right - I have no way of knowing for sure the spare is the original one that came with the car from the factory. Perhaps its a spare from a more recent time. (I've had the car for 2 years only). But I must say the tread on it is pristine condition - virtually no signs of usage. Even the metal rim part cleaned up nicely once I wiped off the grit and grime. The tyre does have two noticeable bar-marks on the side where it has rested on the cage bars. So I may well consider getting a new one anyway.

Although the long screw itself isn't rusted or otherwise in bad condition, the hook that holds up the cage and connects to the screw did need some cleaning and a spray of WD40. But its sound.

97 1.4 Spre tyre bolt swivels only - bathtub tom
Did you check its pressure before you put it back?
97 1.4 Spre tyre bolt swivels only - ah207

Yes - the pressure was already around 1 bar - and using the footpump, I managed to get it up to 2 bar. But I then I deflated it back down in view of its tight fit in the cradle. I didn't make sure whether it held its pressure though - so it may well have a slow puncture or a leak somewhere :-( But at least on visual inspection it seemed fine - apart from those cage marks.
97 1.4 Spre tyre bolt swivels only - Victorbox
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