Van derived MPV (new) - daveyK_UK
Visited my local renault, fiat and citreon dealerships yesterday - none of the are interested in doing deasl, they seem to have gone back to list prices since the government scrappage scheme.

Anyway, where not bothered what make it is, but we do want a new berlingo (old or new shape), doblo or kangoo mpv van thing.

Which is the best broker/dealer to approach?

Van derived MPV (new) - Statistical outlier are good from personal experience. are good from the reports of others.

Have you tried other dealers? We bought a Mazda recently and while one dealer would hardly move, another was happy to bargain to what we felt was a better overall deal than the brokers could offer...
Van derived MPV (new) - cuthbert
I can recommend Car !! they have been about years all dealings are done through a franchise dealer .They even took my part ex in

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