96 1760 Auto will not start - jimthesail
Ahoy !
Have the 306 Auto that turns but does not start.
Clues, new starter fitted due naff battery with loose connections by previous owner.
New battery fitted. No spark
Code inserted, red light on steering wheel spoke goes out, fuel pump whizzes for a second.
Red light on key pad stays red and green indicates when keys pressed then stays off.
Only one red light on dash flashes on radio. Have found alarm button in front of
ignition key and reset. Have disconnected connectors under back seat and battery waited for 20 mins and stood on one leg and put finger in ear. Have replaced crank sensor !!!! Flywheel has damaged spots as the cranking is 'clunky'. Have checked flywheel security by screwdriver down sensor 'ole, difficult but seems OK. Tank shows near full. Anybody any ideas ?
96 1760 Non starter - jimthesail

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96 1760 Non starter - astrabob
My wife used to have a Citroen ZX of similar age with the key pad immobiliser. (Citroen and Peugeot used the same type)

I'm sure that when the code was entered, the red key pad light would go off, and the green light would stay on.

If so, could be an immobiliser problem.
96 1760 Non starter - jimthesail
Does it work ?
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