I don't polish my tyres - bathtub tom
I wash the car occasionally, more often in the winter to remove the salt, when I give it a hose down underneath.

I'll chamois the inside of the glass (sometimes) before the outside and then use it on the rest of the car.

I'll use the brush on the end of the hose that I wash the car with to give the wipers a quick rub.

I intend to wax/polish it once a year (I now know the difference, but can't remember what stuff I use), but rarely do. When I do remember though, I do the door shuts.

Any more slobs like me on the forum?
I don't polish my tyres - Victorbox
You need some of this spautopia.co.uk/rubberdub.aspx

I don't polish my tyres - FotheringtonThomas
You wash the car? Wow! I do sometimes clean the windows & wipers, and it's nice to wash off the salt underneath, but that's it. I've got 5L of that wash/wax somewhere, I bought it about a year ago, and asked about using it here in the BR - can't remember what happened, though. It must be in the workshop, somewhere...
I don't polish my tyres - OldSock
I haven't washed or vacuumed the Volvo S80 in four years.

It's coming up to 100,000 miles in my ownership very soon, so maybe it'll get a treat.
I don't polish my tyres - Rattle
Wow I am amazed it passes the MOT. Those bulb lens must be black by now.