97 1.0 humming fuel pump! - telecaster
My daughters Micra recently started spluttering and cutting out occasionally...tho it always starts after this has happened.

On inspection I noticed that the fuel pump was humming in the accesory key position ie: first position.......it also stays humming and doesnt stop.

Turning the key to the on position :ie all warming lights on gives a similar result??????

I have checked and changed the pump relay and the fuel filter.

Is this a fuel pump on its last legs and causing the cutting out?

Also why is the pump running in the accesory position?

Has me stumped so any advice most appreciated.
97 1.0 humming fuel pump! - mickyh7
The 'humming' is the pump, pumping fuel to the fuel rail/collector.I think from memory,when it is pressurised the pump should stop.Then, when the pressure drops the pump should cut in and so on.Sounds like a pressure sensor is at fault (or has a bad or dirty contact). Try 'Googling Cisco's micra files and do a search. Its an Australian site (a bit boy racer) but very good for free information.
97 1.0 humming fuel pump! - telecaster
cheers Micky!