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01 1.9 wont start - intermittently!!! - zakhaj
i have a very odd problem with my car....for the past couple of days, when i turn the key to start the car - NOTHING happens.

sometimes (maybe the 3rd or 10th time) the starter turns, and the car starts straight away (it doesnt hesitate to start, the starter doesnt have to run for any longer than usual)

When this happened, i rolled it down the hill in second gear with the clutch down, with the key ignition turned on (2nd position), and tried to bump start it. That didnt work either!!! i was very suprised at this, if the battery or started was at fault - then bump starting should definitely work??

I had to call the breakdown man, because the car just wouldnt start. He came out, and tested the battery - which was fine, he told me to push and tried to bump start it as well, and it wouldnt work. He said it was the immobiliser?? and that there isnt anything more he could do.

before he left he tried turning the key one last time, and it started!!!!!

since then iv brought the car home, and its been working - intermittently. somtimes the key turn work,s sometimes not

what on earth?? can anyone shed any light? thanks
01 1.9 wont start - intermittently!!! - elekie&a/c doctor
This could be an intermittant fault with the ignition switch.Not an unknown fault on this model year of E46.Easy and cheap to replace.hth
01 1.9 wont start - intermittently!!! - zakhaj

thanks for the reply mate.

i thought this might be the issue, but iv been trying a few different things.

Today, it didnt work the first time i turned the key - so i turned the key to 'off' posititon - and pressed the "open button" on the remote key again while leaving the key in the lock. this didnt do anything to the doors becuase they were already open - but i thought it might disengage the immobliser? when i tried to start the car again, it fired up straight away?

i thought that might be a flukee, so the next time it didnt work i tried it again... switch off, press open button on remote, try again, and it fires up?

how strange.... i thought the transponder had to be in the vicinty of the car, didnt know the key open button had anything to do with the immmobiliser? does it?

can any one help further? remember, when the car refuses to start, it wont BUMP start either, the car refuses to turn over.

thanks guys

01 1.9 wont start - intermittently!!! - zakhaj

and to make matters worse, the parking sensors suddenly stopped working now. they were fine last night.... today - no beeps or anything at all. no noise coming watsoever. why would they just stop working suddenly?

iv only had the car for two weeks... i thought bmw's were known for reliability!! my brother has one, but its like a christmas tree, new light comes on everyday?!

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