05 2.0 Rear passenger electric window faulty - mikej
Following my flat battery episode detailed here...
...I subsequently found that the rear passenger-side electric window no longer works.

Whether this was somehow the cause of the flat battery (whilst the car was left in my garage unused for 2 weeks), or happened as a result of the disconnection/reconnection of the battery, I do not know.

I had followed the procedure from the manual for 'teaching' the driver's door window control panel to control all the windows once the battery is reconnected, but this particular window does not respond.

All the windows give an audible 'click' when you pull up on either the driver's door control panel or the individual door button, however this one does not so I'm fairly sure it's dead.

I've fixed many problems with my cars over the years but, frustratingly, there doesn't seem to be a Haynes Manual for the 6.

Does anyone have any experience of dodgy Mazda 6 electric windows or know if they are easy to fix ? If so, what parts do you think I would need ?

05 2.0 Rear passenger electric window faulty - Clk Sec
I made a note of this for reference some time ago - although I suspect it's the information you already have to hand.


Clk Sec
05 2.0 Rear passenger electric window faulty - Altea Ego
Its likely to be the switch if it makes no noise at all.
05 2.0 Rear passenger electric window faulty - mikej
Thanks Clk Sec. You're right - that is the procedure that I followed, however the window in question cannot be controlled from it's own door switch so that procedure doesn't help me with this particular window.

Interesting idea that it might be the switch - I was presuming that it wouldn't be that easy !

I guess what is crucial is whether the 'click' is coming from the switch itself or the nearby motor.
05 2.0 Rear passenger electric window faulty - Clk Sec

The reason I made a note of that procedure was that my O/S front window was playing-up a bit last year. It would always open and close, but sometimes required several attempts.

I asked my local Mazda dealer to rectify it in December during the last service and, fortunately, all that was required was a quick re-programme for which no charge was made. However, they told me that if it had required a new switch their charge would have been £95 plus VAT.

Clk Sec