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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - greenfingers
My car is one month out of warranty and I notice the TCS/DSC ( dynamic stability control)warning light stays on when driving, all other warning lights are off.

Any ideas before I take it to a Mazda dealer, we do not have one in Gloucester and the dealer has just changed in Cheltenham so I do not know their track record
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - torry
I have a Mazda 3 Sport that is 9 months out of warranty (mileage only 25000) with the same problem - the DSC warning light stays on. I have taken it to the dealer in Cheltenham and have been quoted £1500 to fix. I am not at all happy with this. Mazda have now agreed to contribute 25% but I do not feel this is good enough. I have waited several weeks for a response as the dealership changed hands during this time as well!

The dealer say they have never come across this problem before so it is strange that you also have the same issue. Also, the Honest John website highlights problems with the DSC light on Mazda 3's over 3-4 years old! They say that the dealer contribution is around 75%!

I am not sure what to do next. I have responded to the dealer saying that 25% is not a sufficient contribution and they will go back to Mazda.

It would be interesting to hear what response you get?

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - kalle
My Mazda 5 is allso one month out of warranty and I have the same error on the TCS/DSC ( dynamic stability control)warning light stays on when driving, all other warning lights are off.

Mazda is looking in to what they kan offer. if i have to pay the repair then the price is 4700.50 eur = 35000 dkr with tax
The dealer have told me that the new dcs/Tcs modul is opgraded so as I see it Mazda has a quality problem on the old version and I think that they sould stand up to the name and help there customers insted of ripping them off. Have in mind that a Mazda 5 is put on the market to hit families .Im wondering how many normal family have room for a repair like this in thier budget.
On top of this, it is not possible to bye a used TCS/DSC modul from a reged car. Cause the modul is programed and has a unic code for each car. According to Mazda.


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - mikenorthwest
Mazda3 06 2000 TS2 TCS/DCS light on
Yes, 3 months out of warranty and the light is on. Does anyone know how we nail Mazda to repair at their cost? Surely the car is not of sufficient quality?
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - torry
I have not been able to get any further support from Mazda who seem to have a very structured response with regard to out of warranty problems regardless of the costs and do not seem to be concerned about the negative quality perceptions that this will leave.

I feel forced into paying to get the repair done as the resale value of the will be lowered if there is a warning light on the dash I assume. Not sure what else I can do really but will still then have doubts about whether the same fault will occur in another 25000 miles!
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - cj1000
hi Mazda will contribute a percentage if you have dealer service history about 90% if just out of warranty (don?t quote me on the percentage) down to 5% if 5years or 80000 miles i think (you must have dealer services thought if you have none dealer services your on your own) Mazda claim this fault is caused by water ingress into brake fluid (they recommend 2 years change interval) this should help with any claims.

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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - brittani
Same thing - Mazda 5, 3 months out of warranty TSC/DSC light has come on.
We have a dealer service history and taking it in tomorrow. So given I don't know the cost as I write this, I wonder if it will be over £1000 to fix something no doubt simple and faulty in the first place. The cost will be massively inflated because they will expect pushback

As other messages say they don't really care about reputation. If I were a sceptic (and I am) these things happening just out of warranty is very odd or perhaps we don't hear from all those occurring within warranty.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - cj1000
hi have seen this happen on cars in warrenty and just out so long as your service history is correct you should get a good will percentage you will need to sk for good will though hope this helps
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Hebers
Happy 3rd Birthday to my MAZDA 5 Sport 2.0 !!!

Our TCS/DSC indicator light came on and stayed on ONE day after our 3 Year manufacturer warranty ran out!! We have been quoted £1700 for the repair from our local Clevedon, North Somerset Mazda dealer - where we purchased it less than 2 years ago!
Although we have full Mazda dealership service history, our 2 year Service was a few months late in being done, and this apparently is, at the moment being used as an excuse for them not to contribute a 'good will' percentage.
Our claim is now under review and we are awaiting further comment from Mazda though our local dealer.

I admittedly know nothing about cars, but in a car that is only just 3 years old this month, for something so major and expensive to go wrong and need replacing. Surely this part must have been faulty to begin with?

We are very disappointed.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - bossfan01
And here's another!!! My Mazda3 2.0 Sport (06) is just a couple of months out of warranty and...surprise surprise.... the DSC light is now permanently on.
I've spoken to the dealership and they said that Mazda 'may' contribute; dependant on service history, mileage (just 18k) and for some reason the number of owners (????). It'll cost me £70 for an hours work just to look at it and they will then make a judgement.
Under the consumer rights act it states that ''a product must last a reasonable amount of time'' and although undefined, the car should not need a repair costing £1700 after just 3 years and 2 months use. From what I've read, this is not a part that can be damaged by the driver regardless of how the car is driven, therefore, it can only mean that it is down to poor quality parts or a fundemental design fault......therefore Mazda should be picking up the FULL repair bill without a doubt !! Bare in mind that this is far from a 'one off' occassion, having read about this problem on various forums. Mazda ARE more than aware that this problem exists regardless of whatever they say.
I have been bitterly dissappointed with this car from day one. I bought it (used) from a franchised dealer and the car has been back several times in the year and a half that I have owned it for various problems. I look forward to the day that I can say bye bye to this car once and for all and never walk into a Mazda showroom ever again !!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if anyone has had a happy outcome to this problem ??? I'll get back once I have stumped up the £70 for the quick look....grrrrr.

P.S....the Bose stereo is awesome......but that's not made by Mazda !!!!
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - 659FBE
I wonder if Mazda are using the Continental/Teves ABS unit which is proving to be so unreliable on the ESP equipped VAG cars and their clones? The symptoms are the same (Warning lamp on after about 3 years and impending big bill. Neither manufacturer is prepared to admit to and correct this serious defect FOC).

Would anyone care to have a look and see what ABS unit is fitted to these vehicles.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - N16ENS
Yep....3 years and 3 weeks...fault C1288...£1500....every one do me a favour write to BBC Watch Dog, I have.....this must be acknowledged and fixed......

I made it easy - here's the link....


By the way, try and write to Jeremy Thomson, he's MD of Mazda UK, e-mail, post, whatever....we need him to know about this problem....

If you are a member of linkedin you could try that route he's a member.....

Let's win this one..


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Hebers
Update to our previous message 'Happy 3rd Birthday to my Mazda' :-

We have now been offered 60% goodwill gesture towards the repair by Mazda, on condition that we have our 3 year service done at the same time (that is due now, but will cost us approx £200 on top of repair bill) we are pleased that we have an offer but are not entirely satified!! (its a start!) I did ring Mazda Customer Services and went round and round in circles with them to try and get them to pay the full amount but to no avail and began to fear that they would withdraw their original offer!
We advised our dealer to order in the part to go ahead with the repair, and are still waiting :- funny the part needed, is on back order - as there is a backlog of orders due to high demand - suspicious?

I will follow the above link and write to watchdog and urge everyone else to
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - cj1000
hi id have thought back orders is down to them investigating the fault so that the units will not need to be replaced again. Mazda think its due to lack of brake fluid replacment which is due every 2 years regardless of milage (some garages include this in the 2nd year service price and some dont you need to check that its being done as the water ingress in the fluid causes the valves to stick in the abs unit)
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - bossfan01
To update on my earlier posting......
My local dealer has now had the diagnosis done ....surprise surprise the fault code was C1288.
Mazda have refused to pay a penny!!!! They have used the excuse that it is becaused I am the second owner. What rubbish....their Warranty is transferable so is therefore irrelevant.

So, as it stands, Mazda are clearly happy for their customers to know that they are fitting their cars with parts that last less that 20k miles......but only show up ONCE THE WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED and are clearly unwilling to accept responsibilty for the problem. This is a non servicable part remember....it dioes not wear out. It is a manufaturing & design fault.

I will be contacting Watchdog and the Office of Fair Trading as they are breaching the Sale of Goods Act 1979 where it states that a product should be fit for purpose and last a reasonable amount of time. This car has NOT.

I suggest you do the same. Mazda's customer care is non-existant. !!!

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Hebers
Update to our earlier postings :-

We are STILL awaiting the part needed to repair our car, .....get an MOT and be able to drive round insured!!

We have been told that there are none of the required parts in the country and that they are on their way on a boat from Japan !!??!!

We are now unwilling to carry on risking driving our car everyday uninsured and asked to be provided with a courtesy car from our Mazda dealer. They helpfully said 'No as Mazda won't pay for it, because the car is out of warrenty' (1 day when fault appeared by dashboard warning light!). - I rang Mazda Customer Services AGAIN and after much discussion and phone calls they agreed to provide one until the part arrives.
The dealer was surpirised by this decision and arranged for us to have a car (the smallest one they could find, a 2 door Ford KA - just right for a family of four!) - atleast we're covered if we have an accident!

Our car is provisionally booked in to be repaired this Wednesday (14th Oct), as the date on our "dealers screen" is telling them they're getting the part 13th - but apparently this is subject to change ?? !

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - cj1000
hi you earlier stated your car is out of warranty so why does it matter if there warranty is transferable. Warranty and goodwill payments are two different things warranty is 3 years or 60k which ever comes first, goodwill is at the discression of the manufacturer usually they pay a percentage and so does the dealer.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - bossfan01
This should not be treated as a goodwill gesture....the part was clearly not fit for purpose as it only lasted 18k. A manufacturer should not turn it's back on a customer on the basis of a few months after the warranty has expired. It's mileage that wears a car out....not time. If they can't make cars of a reasonable standard they should acknowledge this fact and stand by their short comings.

To answer your point...if they acknowldge a warranty regardless of how many owners the car has had, why is this relevant once the warranty has expired....beit a good will gesture or warranty...it's irrelevant. This is proven by the inconsistancy they show when dealing with this particular issue. People are offered between 25-85% cotributions regardles of numbers of owners. This is basically them trying to get away with paying as little as possible, so, where the good will then when you're left with a £900+ bill through no fault of your own. Remember, the part was of insufficient standard from day one - fact.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - cj1000
'To answer your point...if they acknowldge a warranty regardless of how many owners the car has had' because only the first owner give the factory any money the second and beond do not. there is a matrix that dealers conform to including how many months old the milage and other criteria thats why there offered different sums. 'the part was of insufficient standard from day one - fact.' (how do you know the history of the car before you had it ie has the brake fluid been replaced, has the vehicle been jump started etc, these things can cause faults in the abs/ tcs systems). you could have taken the extended warrenty out that wold cover this part i suspect
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Hebers

We now have had our car repaired. The part arrived with our dealer Tuesday (so these parts ARE now in the country!!?!)
Now quite as costly as dealer quoted, but thank goodness Mazda paid their 60% of it.
Not sure what to do now, very tempted to ged rid of car, DO NOT want this to happen again in another 3 years time. Apparently this part will now hold a 2 year warrenty on it (not much good if it has, on average 3 year life span!!)

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - mike123
Same problem with my 2006 registered Mazda 3. Ran out of the warranty only 2 weeks ago, so I now have to pay 650£ for something that does not work for no fault of mine.

I do not understand why you have to pay for a part that clearly has a genuine fault, which is why Mazda agrees to pay 60% of the cost.
Mazda seems to have a recall on the same part for Mazda 3 2009 model, is there a way we can get Mazda to accept a complete recall and replace every car irrespective of year of manufacture?
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Robin the Technician
Sorry to have to tell you but the Sale of Goods Act 1979 does not apply to Mazda in this case. This is a contract between you and the seller - and Mazda did not sell you the car - the dealer did. Your first request for compensation towards the cost of this repair MUST be to the person/ garage who sold you the car.
As someone who spent six years in a UK car manufacturers Customer Service department I know only too well the procedures for getting what you want. Send letters to the highest person in Mazda and copy it to Watchdog and your solicitor. Those who shout loudest generally get what they want. (but I didn't tell you to do that, did I?).

Robin the Technician
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - torry
Nigel, I have emailed Watchdog - last week -but no response as yet. I hope others have also added their complaints to this site as well. The list of complaints seems to be getter longer. Although I have had to pay up - £900 I still hav enot given up especially as the same problem could occur inanother 20,000 miles or less and what will Mazda be prepared to offer then?
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Fimallan
I am another 06, 1600 TCS/DSC victim.

Light came on last week. Less than a year out of warranty. £1500 quote.
This really is a nightmare. I would be very keen to hear from anyone that has had any success with Mazda getting the part replaced for a reasonable amount. Otherwise it's bread and water for the next 6 months!
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Fimallan
Update to my last posting.

I have just been offered 55% by Mazda. 'Can't explain quite how annoyed I am!
I have emailed Watchdog and will be trying everything else possible to get this % increased. There should have been a recall.
If anyone else has any good ideas please post suggestions.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - greenfingers
I agree with you, since I started this thread on 24th July I had the fault checked by the I.O.W main dealer they confirmed the Code C1288 Pressure Transducer Main Primary Input failure on the DCS system, they tried to obtain goodwill from Mazda but to no avail.
I then wrote to the Mazda MD and a letter returned saying that because it had not been serviced by Mazda they offered no compensation,
I wrote again stating that if an unsuspecting purchaser of a Mazda 3 new or second hand
new about this fault they would reconsider the purchase.
My car was purchased from Trade-Sales Slough at 9000 miles and unfortunately the original service was by the leasing company not Mazda so no goodwill.
I am going to take this further by any means at my disposal.
If any other owners wish to contact Mazda you will get an unsympathetic response from their Case Manager

No naming/shaming please

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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - tony/1
Hi im another one you can add to the list, have an 06 plate and yep last week light stuck on, quoted from a garage £1500 not happy, am going to write to jeremy thomson and email watchdog.....
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Sekinah2005
Well surprise surprise my Mazda 3 1.6 came out of warrant on 13th October and on 26th up pops the TCS light. After diags it appears I will face a bill of £1500 + labour+VAT.
As has been said something smells a bit dodgy here. I am due to go back to local agent on Friday 20th for another £45 daig test and no doubt Mazda will wriggle out of helping. I have emailed Watchdog as a result of comments on this forum. Any ideas on how to proceed.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - greenfingers
I am gathering details to challange Mazda on this and will be contacting Watchdog, I am surprised with the stonewalling by Mazda as their reputation is at stake.
It seems that there is a fault with this equipment so we need more information from owners.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Raman
Just wondering, those of you who have this problem, are these Mazda 3 diesels or petrol?

Also if you know what the problem is then why are you not able to get the faulty part from a scrap yard or other supplier and have some fit it?

Also how does the car drive with this light on? If it drives OK, why spend the money getting it fixed?

Just a thought.

You may what you take your problem direct to the Mazda Company in Japan. If the Chairman gets to know about your problems and Mazda UK is not doing anything about maybe complaining all the way to the top might help.

Here are the address details, be sure to address the letter STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDTIONAL to make sure the Chairman gets to read your letter of complaint.

Mazda Motor Co Ltd
Address: 3-1 Shinchi, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima-ken, 735-0028
Tel: +81-3-82-282-1111
Fax: +81-3-82-287-5188
URL: www.mazda.co.jp

I owed a Mazda 323f and was having problems with it. Got fed up with the Mazda dealership so I wrote to Japan, they forwarded my letter to Mazda UK, who were not happy about me complaining to Mazda Japan. Anyway my problem got sorted surprisingly very quickly.

Good luck.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - phil99
I also have the same problem with an 06 2.0 litre sport model. Purchased the car from trade sales in slough last year. The TCS/DSC light came on less than a month after the warranty expired, so got in touch with my local dealer. After verifying the issue and discussions with Mazda customer services, Mazda have agreed to pay 60% of the cost as long as the third service was carried out ASAP which I has now been doen (the second service was also done by the same dealer last year). Like everyone else, I've have experienced Mazda's customer services lack of interest. I will be going back to Mazda and reject this ofer, as I will not be satisfied until they recognise this is a major issue and pay 100% of the cost. WIll do as the other postee suggested and write to Mazda in Japan also.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - sah
Yep....3 years and 3 weeks...fault C1288...£1500....every one do me a favour write to BBC Watch Dog, I have.....this must be acknowledged and fixed...... I made it easy - here's the link.... www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/gotastory/ By the way, try and write to Jeremy Thomson, he's MD of Mazda UK, e-mail, post, whatever....we need him to know about this problem.... If you are a member of linkedin you could try that route he's a member..... Let's win this one.. Nigel

Hi, I know it's been a while since this post but just wondering if anything happened with Watch Dog. The fault you are describing and permanent warning light has just come on my Mazda 5 Sport at 26,000 miles. I had a bad feeling about this car as it's had three recalls since I bought it new. Will never buy another Mazda. Any advice would be greatly received.


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Allison
Hello Greenfingers,
I too am now in the same situation as you with regard to the DSC light being on on my dashboard. Was just wondering if you managed to get it sorted and if so what the charge was? Thanks, Allison
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - moreno510
Another sufferer of this problem on my 06 2.0 sport

About time Mazda issued a recall for this me thinks
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - gunnar-iceland
I have the same problem in my car and I live in iceland and the car is just out of warrenty I´m still waiting for an a qoute from my mazda dailer also have a recal becuse the paint is bad on my mazda
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - the worm
You can add me to the list too. Mazda 5 Sport 2.5 months out of warranty and light comes on. Called dealer today and he thinks it will cost about 1500.

I'm suspicious of this with so many coming on just outside of warranty. Will report back after visiting dealer on Monday...
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - PVXboy
Same problem on my Mazda 5. This is a safety critical issue, DSC saves lives. I have reported this to the Vehicle Safety Branch of VOSA, lets see if they can bend Mazda's arm behind their back and issue a recall.

Follow the link below to report the issue yourself, just a simple form to fill in then email, post or fax it off to VOSA.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda 5 Sucks
Warranty on our Mazda 5 Sport Diesel ran out on 25/9/09, on Christmas Eve 09 after the car sitting in the driveway for 2 days I started the engine to see the DSC light was illuminated.

Had the car booked into the dealer today and they advise same Fault Code 1288 showing up which means I need Part Number C2Y0437AZC ABS hydraulic unit. Apparently it's a closed part and to add insult to injury I was told it looks like a can of beans with a wire coming out of it - at £1458.97 that's a lot of beans. Also 2 hours labour to add on for programming the tin of beans which would take the total repair bill to £1614.21.

snip, Service Manager advised I was not entitled to anything as it's out of warranty, even with a full Mazda service history, and if I had a problem or wanted to check for a goodwill contribution I would need to call Mazda Customer Services direct. When I pushed for an answer as to how many vehicles had been returned to their snip branch with the DSC fault they said 50+. And that's just for one area! Can't believe Mazda do nothing.

Told the Service Manager I would call Mazda but could they go ahead and order the part since we cannot sell the car until we have it fixed. Then advised they required a deposit to order the part which would be the full price of the part - Happy Hogmanay to me!

On leaving the garage I called Mazda Customer Svs and spoke with a very helpful man in London who said I would need to get the Service Manager to raise a goodwill request. He then called them whilst I was on hold to get them to do this since it was the very same manager I spoke to! I also asked to raise a complaint case to Mazda. The once helpful call taker was reluctant to do this and asked that I wait until Tuesday 5th for the goodwill request to be reviewed before I did this. I told him I wanted a case raised regardless because of the constant repairs, visits to the garage I had to do in the last 3 years and because I was clearly not the only one experiencing this issue (and all the others). He has done this although has closed it off in the hope I won't call back after my goodwill offer on Tuesday. He says they take into account if you bought the car from new, from a dealer, service history and amount of problems you have.

In case anyone was wondering about the percentage - dealer advised that Mazda's maximum goodwill gesture is 75% - which I will be aiming for before getting rid of this substandard death trap.

Anyway left the garage with full details of any and every complaint dept I could get my hands on and will be spending the next few days compiling letters to snip(who I feel shouldn't be selling cars they know are faulty and badly manufactured), Mazda UK, and all the other links which everyone has been so good to add. I also asked for a copy from their computer of every time the car had been booked in to be fixed - came to a total of 12 visits (with a 70 mile round trip each time) only 1 showing as a service so suspect a couple of pages maybe missing). This didn't include the breakdown, tow & courtesy car which we got the very next day after paying £277.68 for our 12500 mile service! Of course it was nothing to do with the service we were told.

If I wasn't disillusioned enough with the continual tyre tread issue, 3 faulty shock absorbers and the 2 recalls this DSC fault has totally finished my faith off with the car industry.

I will update this next week when I hear back from the dealership with the offer!


{no naming and shaming please. Certain parts of this thread have been edited to remove those names}

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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - WorkshopTech
VOSA will not do anything on this problem because its not a safety-critical part (ABS still works).

I would love someone to take a Small Claims Court summons out on this problem on grounds of the part is not sufficiently durable. We are seeing loads of these failing across a reange of cars. Thankfully VAG have cut the price on their units to about £700, but still a lot of money.
I really do think SCC would work on this. Its not a part that is servicable and driver cannot really affect its rate of wear, so failure within a short time (say less than 5 years) is surely poor durability.
We are hearing of VW Passat steering column units (which have immobiliser unit integrated) failing all over the place. They are £1000, that will be fun when they all start coming out of warranty. Trouble is we cant fix them, its dealer only fix at the moment.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda 5 Sucks
Am confused, surely VAG don't supply this part for Mazda?

Or is Volkswagens & Audi experiencing this same issue/part replacement?

New to these car discussion forums so apologies if I seem thick!
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Med
hey mate -

Drop me an email. Just as angry with mazda! dont buy a mazda 6! :)
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - WorkshopTech
Am confused surely VAG don't supply this part for Mazda?
Or is Volkswagens & Audi experiencing this same issue/part replacement?

VAG are experiencing the same problem across a range of their cars, as are Ford, GM, BMW. The units are presumably being (or have been) manufacturerd withthe same component (a sensor) which suffers early failure.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda 5 Sucks
Ok, thanks understand now - which company is the main manufacturer for this part for all the dealers? Would the small claims be raised against them or Mazda?
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - WorkshopTech
Dont know who makes the actual sesonr component. The faulty units I've seen are all made by Continental group (who own Teves etc).
SCC action should be against your supplying dealer for supplying goods insuffucuently durable under Sale of Goods Act.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda 5 Sucks
Thanks for the prompt replies - that's my complaint gone to Watchdog - only about 4 letters now to type up for posting on Monday!
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - AM
The DSC pump is a continental teves mk60. As prev mentioned-BMW 1 and 3 series are affected in large numbers as well as various vw group cars. All use this model of pump.I assume Mazda also using same part no.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda, never again!
another one! My TSC/DSC light came on just after the 3 year warranty (straight after first MOT where rust was detected underneath also-seperate issue but disgusting on a car 3yrs old!). Electrics also faulty with back seatbelts!! Thought the warning light was a lamp fault only and therefore left for something else to go wrong before taking to a mazda dealer . however as the car is performing worse than a sledge in the current conditions I am more concerned this is not a lamp fault but the traction control functionality is completely shot - especially after reading all of your comments. I haven't taken it to a mazda specalist yet - really don't know what to do - please help!!
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - WorkshopTech
Well really the only option is a new electrohydraulic unit, they are not currently servicable/repairable. You could go to mazda for goodwill. Other thing you could do, as I say further up, is take small claims court action against the supplying dealer for goods of insufficient durability. I dont know why more people arent doing this. As an independent repairer/used car dealer I find that people are quick enough to threaten court action against us for any minor problem, but somehow with new car dealers they seem prepared to be shafted.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda 5 Sucks
Back with my update!

Called Mazda dealer on Wednesday, they were returning my call, when I called just before closing they had gone home early! Never called back Thursday, by Friday I was livid and just called Mazda Customer Services direct. Within an hour the dealer had called back with our goodwill gesture from Mazda.

I was prepared for a fight (again) but surprisingly their first offer was 75% of the bill (£1614.21) taking our payment down to £317 - going to check this with them in detail tomorrow as got my husband to take the call I am still that angry.

In my opinion I feel that we've got this offer because of all the problems I have had previously with the car, the case report I made sure I got Mazda to raise and because I gave a clear picture that I was going to be a complete pain in the backside. Believe the last message I left for the Service Manager was that I was calling for an update but if she continued to ignore my calls and not return them I would 'loose it'. Obviously I am scary!

Query WORKSHOP TECH - since you're in the know is their 2 hour labour charge realistic. Couldn't understand why it would take 2 hours to fit a 'tin of beans with a wire'. Also, would it be a good idea to ask for the broken part to take away - want to check if it's a replacement of the same I will be receiving.

Will update tomorrow with the final bill cost, although 75% deduction was what was said on the phone.

Still going ahead with my letters to the dealers main office and Mazda UK / Japan - feel it's really unfair that they sell these crap cars to unsuspecting families and make money out the repairs.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - WorkshopTech
Two hours labour is not unreasonable for this job, it will probably take a little less time but they are not ripping you at that.
Its always a good idea to get the old parts if you can, but you may find that Mazda want the old part returning.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Kreskras
Well, my comment is actually to all...
I to, have a mazda3 1,6DE '06 with the same problem. I took it to the dealer and as you guys, my warranty is expired with 6 months. He estimated the repair to be around 10000,- Dkr. (1200 £). I just made an official complained, and they are reviewing it.

What I don't understand is, following... - When I ask about the problem, the only thing they can say, is that they are getting an error code on the computer, and that should mean, that the ABS brakes and the DSC system dosn't work. So I took my car to test the damm things... fortunately we have a lot of snow, so easy to test... And the ABS brakes works and so do the DSC. I went back to the dealer, and he just telling me we have to do the repairs for 10000,-Dkr (1200£).
So what The H... do I pay 1200£ for switching a damm light in the dashboard :-(
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda 5 Sucks
Mine is going in tomorrow for the fix. We've had the snow as well, in fact it broke the first day it arrived here (probably first time DSC would have been used). The ABS brakes are definitely working but our DSC isn't.

On calling the dealer again they're still saying on the phone that the total amount we've to pay is £317 which seems to be a reduction of 80% of the original quote.

Still not happy at having to pay anything for something that is clearly faulty and should have been recalled. Did have a look at the small claims court but I think it would cause me more worry in the long run than paying the £317, going to read through the paperwork tonight anyway and may just throw some threats into the conversation when I'm paying the bill.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - WorkshopTech
£317 is still a lot of money - it will buy a decent little flat screen telly.
SCC is easy process and nothing to worry about. If I were in your shoes I would go to SCC. I cant see you failing on this one.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - phil99
I wrote to Mazda UK's MD and service manager following a 60% offer, but they will not budge, they just come back the with same book of excuses why they won't offer more. Will try Japan next or the SCC.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda 5 Sucks
If you think it would help email me at twinkly-twinkly-cat@hotmail.com and I will send you details of my original quote from the dealer and what I ended up having to pay for this repair. Original £1614.21, paid £310. Surely this should be the same for everyone regardless of any service history etc and if you pass them my details/car etc surely they'll have to match this (small compensation for bigger problem) but will save bit of cash if it works.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Mazda 5 Sucks
Well the saga continues....

Car went in yesterday for the DSC repair.

The good news - the price was actually £310
The bad news - another shock absorber is leaking

Called Mazda Customer Svs to log that call. Told 3-5 days for reply. Got call from a real Rotweiller there this afternoon saying that because I have my service history then they will pay goodwill contribution towards new shock.

When I told her the whole model should have been recalled she went off on one (obviously heard it plenty before) saying that VOSA had looked into both faults (DSC & Tyre Wear) and had deemed that they were not a safety hazard. Funny thought you needed tread to keep on the road - my mistake! That really didn't make her happy and she less told me that by me receiving goodwill gestures after my expired warranty this was really to the detriment of those customers who paid for extended warranties!

Spoke to the dealer afterwards and they advised the reason they didn't have the shock absorber yesterday in stock was because they had already fitted 3 others in the morning! They usually always have in stock as they make sure of this and have 10 arriving tomorrow! This is how many they need to keep up with the demand she told me.

Said I should be okay now as I'd have both recurring problems - DSC & Shocks replaced. When I mentioned the tyres she said that was an entirely different problem (I take it 'cause I got the crap sport model it mainly happens to.)

Will be approx £50-£75 for the shock replacement depending on the level of goodwill which has still to be advised to the garage (expecting minimum after the phonecall).

Been to DVLA, cherished number removed and retained, just shock to replace, new VRM's and it's bye bye to the death trap!

Hey Workshop Tech - looking to downsize slightly (2 adults 2 kids - no more buggy) what do you recommend that isn't brand new (& problems haven't yet surfaced) that looks nice and doesn't break!????

PS going to read through the SCC in the next day or two. Still going to write my sorry saga down to the head office of the dealer & Mazda Japan (at least to give someone here more paperwork to deal with - had enough driving to the dealer).

Would I buy another Mazda? Ever? N E V E R
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - RobT
Yes, yet another one failed!
I have a 55 model Mazda Sport, purchased when it was 3 years old from a Mazda dealer. It was a former Motatability car so hence the servicing record by a Mazda dealer is impeccable. It came with a 12 month warrenty and the DSC failed barely three weeks after this expired, the mileage at this point was less than 14 thousand miles!
One day it was OK, the next morning I turned on the ignition and the light came on.
I contacted the dealer who quoted around £1500 for repairs, I was told that the failure of this was not likely to cause an MOT failure so it could be lived with. After making a comment about the bright yellow warning light, by far the brightest light on the display, it was suggested I put a piece of tape over it. Obviously this is how you repair Mazdas - with sticky tape!
This is like going back to the seventies when I was stupid enough to buy some of the rubbish that British Leyland produced. I thought I was making an intelligent informed chice with a Mazda and their 'reputation for reliability', looks like I was wrong there.
The resale value is bound to be hit badly so not repairing is not an option. The dealer negotiated a 25% goodwill discount and the final bill was £1110. As you can imagine I am pretty disgusted with this, especially as there is still a decent profit in it for Mazda.
A previous poster said that a bill of around £300 will buy you a small flat screen TV, this bill would buy me a 50" good quality TV. As it happens I don't have one anyway and it looks like I won't be getting one for a long time. I have friends to whom this amount would be a months take home pay.
The DSC unit in question is a non-serviceable item, it does not need regular maintenance and is unaffected by bad driving techniques, unlike the engine or transmission for example. I tend to drive reasonably steadily and treat the car fairly gently.
It is obvious these units are not fit for purpose,
The manufacturers of this unit have not thoroughly tested this for durability and reliability. Components when first designed such as this should undergo a series of severe tests such as shock and vibration, functionality at both extremes of temperature, salt spray and high humidity testing, and even altitude testing. It is also normal for sample units to be life tested when they will be run for thousands of hours often stressed at a high temperature where it is then possible for the failure rate to be predicted, normally with good accuracy. All these techniques are well proven in industry.
It is obvious the inital qualification of these unit was not performed correctly. The manufacturer's quality and reliability engineering departments should be sacked.
I fully intend to contact Mazda UK and Mazda Japan. I would be grateful if anyone has the contact details of Mazda Japan.
As a matter of interest,these units are fitted to some BMWs and VWs, a quick trawl on the net found forums such as this where the indications were that BMW were much more generous with their goodwill offers, some even being replaced for free even outside of the warrenty period. Perhaps my next car will be a BMW, it seems they value their customers more.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - cinco114
DSC light on my Sept 2006 Mazda 3 TS2 (3 months out of warranty) Mileage 35059
Diagnostic check (£30 + vat)at Mazda dealer in December 09. Fault code C1288. £1541.65 to fix.
Sympathy but no help from dealer or MazdaUK customer service
Trading Standards said the retailer ie Motorpoint are responsible under Sale of Goods Act 1979.
Motorpoint's best offer,so far, is: Trade in value reduced by £1500 for fault but plus £300 goodwill if I spend £11000 on one of their cars.
MOT garage said DSC light is NOT a failure but ABS light would be so I am safe to drive.
I sent a letter to Jeremy Thomson MD at MazdaUK on7th Jan but no reply.
I am sending my 5th letter to Motorpoint today as instructed by Trading Standards and am prepared to go tp SCC if necessary.
Mazda's response to others - and me - is inconsistant and pathetic. How they can continue to ignore the fact that they have a problem with this part beggars belief.
But I am prepared to battle on for a realistic 'gesture without prejudice' - Motorpoints words - not mine.
A letter to Mazda Japan may be worth a try.
Will keep you posted on Progress - or lack of it.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - WorkshopTech

I wouldnt bother writing more letters. Just bang off a letter before action - LBA - to motorpoint, sent special delivery. Give them 7 owrking days to make an offer to pay for repairs, then if no response issue SCC summons using the online facility.

Keep all documentation. Try to find some Mazda marketing information that states/describes DSC as an important safety feature (also copy something out of the handbook which states this). Keep all your ducks in a line and stay cool.

I have had some SCC experience (both taking out summons and having summons issued against me as a motor trader). My experience of SCC is that they are usually quite sympathetic to the complainant if there is a significant fault on a safety related item on a car. Make sure you emphasise the inadequate durability aspect under SOGA in your claim.

If you are successful then motorpoint can argue it out with their supplier and at the end of the day the chain will work back and mazda will end up paying anyway.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - cinco114
Workshop Tech

Thanks for advice sadly too late to stop letter No 5 but letter No 6 will promise SCC summons within 7 days
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - torry
Workshop tech - I have already paid nearly £800 to have the DSC fixed so feeling very bad now that I am hearing that the costs have been reduced! I am also concerned that, if the same part has been fitted, the problem may occur in another 25,000 miles.

Is it to late to go to the SCC? I Have also been advised that my tyres are wearing unevenly and need replacing so it sounds as if I may have the shock absorber problem as well with more cost involved. My Mazda 3 Sport has only done 26,000 miles and is 4 years old now - the worst purchase decision I have ever made.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - WorkshopTech
Workshop tech - I have already paid nearly £800 to have the DSC fixed so
feeling very bad now that I am hearing that the costs have been reduced!


The story we have been told by TPS (who supply VAG parts to the trade) is that units made after April 2008 have had the dodgy sensor modified so that it is much less likely to fail.
I would say SCC is an option and surely worth the risk for the small cost involved in bringing a summons.

Shock absorbers are more of a grey area because they are a wear and tear item. Check out the price of KYB's for your car and consider having them fitted by an independent, its an easy job and should be far less than the dealer cost.

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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - phil99
I'm still deciding what my next step is to get the cost down, but I spoke to my Mazda dealer this week, and they said the price has not been reduced. Does anyone have any further info on whether there has been a reduction.

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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - shiftabraynz
I'm new here so first of all,
"HELLO" fellow mazda drivers and honest john'ers.
i too have a mazda3 2.0l sport, on a 55 plate, i've had it for 3 years, its only done 37000 miles and has a full service history(not all mazda)and its a great little car.

I also got this fault about 6 months ago, and to this day it as not made the slightest bit of difference to the driving, traction or breaking at all.

Before the DSC light became a permanent fixture it came on by itself when i had poor traction or i could turn it on and off with the switch, it is now just a light which i cannot switch off, as i am not paying mazda over a thousand pound's for a light switching off.

The worst thing about it is that i am about to sell the car, and it will definitely make it less sell-able.
I did take it to the Mazda dealer's but didnt hold out much hope with the car being over a year out of warranty, I showed the service book to the service manager(only 1 stamp out of four was mazda's) and he said


couple more problems i had, which you may come across, with an easy fix-.
the airbag light, which was just a loose connection under one of the front seats,
and the main digital display went crazy,unreadable, i just disconnected and reconnected the car battery and it reset itself.

Can i just add that, if the DSC light fault was a safety issue, Mazda would have had to recall all the cars which have the faulty part fitted, for replacement free of charge,(please correct me if i'm wrong.)

regards to all

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - velocityblade

I'm new to this forum too though I have made contributions to other threads to do with DPF problems.
Seems to me whether it is DPF, warning lights on (TCS/ DSC etc) there is an issue here of lack of response and ownership from Mazda UK for goods that are not fit for purpose. I hear what is said about going back to the dealer you bought the Mazda from. But I think there is a bigger and more fundamental issue here.

I have written to Jeremy Thomson MD Mazda UK and Robert Hancock Customer Service manager Mazda UK. Based on what I read above I am not hopeful of a speedy respnse.

I have also contacted watchdog.

I did wonder if we would get a better response from Mazda if we all took out one case agaisnt them - called a Class Action in the USA. I'm not a lawyer nor do I know one but I know these things have worked in the past. It is much harder to deal with a mass than picking us off one by one. Also the media tends to be more interested if there is a "protest group".

If anyone has a solicitor already engaged on thier behalf against Mazda, maybe they could check with them if this Class Action idea has any legs?

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Fimallan

Well something you all may be interested in.......I have been having an ongoing battle with Mazda regarding this fault (TCS/DSC warning light on) since last autumn. They started off at £1,500 and slowly but surely I got them down to about £600 due to my service history, which I still wasn't happy about. Then out of the blue a week ago, I got a call from my garage/Mazda dealer to say that Mazda have come up with another solution that is going to cost me £170ish! So I am just relieved I hadn't agreed to having the work done sooner. Anyone else who has already had the work done, I'd suggest you will want to get straight on the phone to your Mazda dealer and get a refund!

Isn't that extraordinary? What a complete waste of time though. I am no longer a fan I'm afraid.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - phil99

I am just in the process of booking my car in to do the repair, with a 60% payment from mazda, would really appreciate it if you could let me know the detail of £170 fix! thanks Phil

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Fimallan

My car is in getting the £170 fix today. Will post the exact details as soon as I get the car back.

As soon as it's sorted, the car is going down the road.......not happy with the whole attitude from Mazda, especially from a certain lady in their customer service dept whose name is the same as the stuff you feed horses.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Fimallan

Have collected my car, which has been fixed.

They replaced a hydraulic unit / break control module, and cleared codes and tested it.

Hydraulic unit cost £197.25 + labour. As I was getting a 55% contribution from Mazda, may share came in at £142.

Which is less than 10% of what they told me I was going to have to pay initially! A reasonable result to a long and annoying episode. Good luck to everyone else.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Jadeoh

I too am one of the unlucky ones who has a Mazda 3 with the same fault. Ive written to everyone to no avail and Mazda wont make me a goodwill offer as i never bought the car from Mazda, so i have to pay the full cost myself, which im not prepared to do. Have to say the car has been nothing but trouble since i bought it 2 years ago.

Today I called my local Mazda garage and asked them about this chepaer option they stated that Mazda had not informed them of this and that the price is still about £1400.

Do you know if it was a genuine Mazda part and the part number. Im told i need the ABS modulator and pump.

Has anyone else has any success with this cheaper option!

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - phil99

I spoke to my Mazda dealer again, and they said they weren't aware of any cheap fix! they questioned whether the error code was the same as for ABS/TCS error which I have. Would you happen to know what error code you were getting prior to being fixed? Thanks

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Fimallan

I'm sure it is the same fault. I don't have a copy of the error code number......but the text on the receipt reads

".........found brake control module faulty. Removed and replaced brake control module, cleared codes and tested operation"

then below.

"DBRYV437AO Hydraulic unit..........£197.25 @ 45%.........£88.76" Good luck!

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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - greenfingers

There seems to be a cheaper option as given in the Honest John column last week, A company ECU Testing Ltd state they can refurbish the ABS unit to a better state than the original if the unit is posted back to them . The cost is £350.They have a test form which requires the Mk 60 ref no from the unit . They recognise the Fault code C1288 Pressure Transducer Main Primary Input Failure on the DCS system.

I would like to know if anyone has tried it

The website is www.ECUtesting.com

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - x1

Just found this thread. Am in the same boat but did not realise it was so common. My problem occurred 3-6 days out of warranty and Mazda refused any goodwill gesture even though it is obviously a manufacturing fault. Reason - not servied by mazda/not bought direct but from Motorpoint. It's only done 20k! I went back to my local Mazda dealer for the part number to find a second hand part and off the cuff asked about anyone who repairs the units. They said there was a possible cheaper repair for £400 but no guarantee this would fix it. I've filled in my Watchdog form-thanks for the link, and am going to do another strong letter to Mazda followed by a solicitor letter as I firmly believe they need to take responsibility for this.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Med

Hi Guys,

Watchdog are no use! have you reported this to VOSA?

Have a look at my campaign www.mazda-campaign.co.uk join and say your issues. My plan is once i have enough data & statistics i can head off to Japan and visit Mazda corporation asking for final explanations and reasons to why this happens to our cars.

Look forward in hearing from you!


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - green man

I own a 2004 Mazda 3 with the same problem with the DSC light coming on.

My local Mazda dealer told me that I needed a new ABS module and it would cost £360 including 15% goodwill. At first they wouldn't offer any goodwill because one of the services wasn't done with them, they then offered 15%. I also have a recurring problem with rust on the wheelarches which they recalled and treated in 2008 but refused do to anything else about. I have told Which? about the problem with the DSC light and would urge everyone else to do the same, they want to know. Contact them at which@which.co.uk

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - alteaman

Last year the TCS warning light came on in my son's Mazda 3. Mazda initially quoted around £2300 to repair it which they eventually reduced to £1400. After quoting Honest John's posting, they eventually reduced the bill to £430.

About a month after this the same light came on in my daughter's car but, because of a late service date, Mazda refused any discount on £1400. My daughter continued discussion with Mazda and they have just been in youch with her stating "We now have found a solution that does not require the complete ECU to be replaced and it will cost £200."

She has accepted this offer.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - x1

Well after driving with this fault for 12months and as the MOT was due I thought I'd better get this fixed as I was told it would fail. I went back to my other 2 local Mazda dealers (the normal one I use has since shut) to get a revised quote. The first one I approached, said he'd seen a memo about this from Mazda (!) and he would need to see if my car was one of the affected models (sound like a known fault!?!? - despite Mazda H.Office denying any problem - and apparently the cost of the unit has fallen from £1500 to £200 (!). I was told they replace only the mechanical part of the ABS unit - not the electrical part - hence the difference in price - and it was fixed for £360.35. A bit different from £2k last year!

The other Mazda dealer denied any knowledge of this fix, but said they'd replace the whole unit for the price of £200 , plus £240 for labour,bolts,brake fluid replacement. Same price for the parts! I think its the same job and fix.............

So don't accept quotes of £2k to replace the whole thing - they can replace part of it for a fraction of the price - and they have had documentation about it from Mazda.

Just got to get Mazda to pay for it now!

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Collos25

Good result

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Jadeoh

After reading the above updates I again recontacted my local Mazda dealer to enquiry if there was a cheaper option available as i originally refused to pay the £1700 to get the problem fixed. They looked into it for me and said that "yes" a cheaper solution had been found and that Mazda Head Office had sent out a memo about the fault and it would now cost £200 for the part and a total of £440 to be fixed.

I was still annoyed that i had to pay anything to get this fault fixed but decided to take the chance while it was available. I had my car fixed this week and was even given a courtesy car whilst it was at the garage, something they have never offered me before!.

For those who havent had this problem yet fixed worth recontacting Mazda again. The part is guaranteeded for 2 years or 24,000 miles. Will make sure i sell my car before this time.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - qbscotty

First of all, what a great website!. Secondly, I wish I had found it earlier!

I have read all the previous posts on this subject and am now adding mine.

I have a Mazda 3 TS2 06 plate and it has done approx 27K. I brought it from an independent car dealer and the warranty they kindly offered has run out. The TCS/DCS light came on a few days ago. In relation the previous post by Jadeoh, has anyone else had any success with the problem being fixed for the reduced rate, instead of the £1500 + that it previously cost? Also, is it something that only Mazda can fix and that a local garage would be unable to fix? At the moment, money is not growing on the trees in my garden, so paying £1500 to fix a very common issue that seems to be a faulty part is something that I just can't afford to do?

I have yet to go down to my local mazda dealer (unfortunately I did not purchase the car from there). From peoples past experiences, should I go armed with information that I have gathered from this website and give them what for etc?

If anybody has had any more luck with having the problem fixed paying the reduced please let me know.


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - pepper44


Yet another one!!!! 06 Mazda 3 - code C1288.

Have been offered two options, £1500 fix or the £500 ish fix. The garage tell me that they did the cheaper fix on another Mazda and it did not work. Therefore the owner had to pay for the cheaper and more expensive fix?? Therefore the garage recommends the more expensive fix.

Really not sure which one to go for any suggestions of success with the cheaper fix.

Out of warranhty, 2nd owner etc, only bought a Mazda because of it's reliability!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks for all of the help on this site

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - nicolekate

Hello and thank you to all of you. I did not expect as a 41 yr old mother to be joining in with the discussion,. Your notes were invaluable when my Mazda 3 TS2 2006 reg showed the same fault. I bought and serviced it at the local dealer however I do not think it would have mattered if I hadn't. I simply rang up and said that I knew the fault was recognised by Mazda and that there were 2 types of repair and I was only interested in the cheaper one. I then asked if he was aware of the internet discussions on this and whether he was aware of Mazda's recent memorandum on the matter. He said he knew exactly what I was talking about and was not surprised by the internet forum. He said the Mazda's recent memo had fixed the cheaper price of the repair at £468.63 (incl VAT)and the price was not negotiable. Charming since it was a manufacturing fault however not so stomach churning as £1500. He also said it would depend on the chassis no. as to whether it was indeed this recognised fault. So in it went and it did qualify and is now mended with 2 yr guarantee. He said it was too early to tell whether it could recurr as it is only applicable to models about 2006 so we are all guinea pigs waiting for the same thing to recur. Thank you all once again.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - gilllittle
I have a 56 plate mazda 3, first registered in 2007, but still out of warranty displaying same light and have just been quoted over £1000 for repair, has anyone else with newer car had same problem and what can we do. Surely given the amount of complaints on this forum, this has to be recognised as a manufacturer fault and recalled?
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - gary946

Same problem with my Mazda 3 2.0 Sport 2005.Took it to a mates garage who diagnosed the fault code for me, (c1288), but suggested I approach mazda to see what they would charge/recommend. Was dissapointed with the local dealers response (not where i bought car from) who stated they wouldnt give me any info until i did a mazda diagnostic check. After much questioning, they said that if it was the c1288 fault code, the part required would cost £198.00 +vat and total job would be about £500 and I would not be entitled to any Mazda goodwill gesture!
I decided to go to the dealer in the capital where I purchased the car from (armed with all my research from the internet about this fault expecting a battle) but was pleasantly surpised that after their diagnostic check revealed the expected c1288 fault code, they gave me an all in price for a new abs hydraulic unit of £370! After enquiring about a Mazda goodwill gesture, they photocopied my service history and said they would make an application on my behalf, whilst in the meantime I booked the car in for the job the following week.
I was pleased to find out that a goodwill gesture had been considered for 15% of cost (due to age of car, and 3 of the 4 services with Mazda) which resulted in a total cost of £255. It was well worth the effort travelling to a different dealership!

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Atif127

Another one ! I bought my Mazda 3 06 reg from car dealer with full mazda history 67000 miles. I never touched DSC on/off button but just out of curiosity i turned it off number of times while i was driving. But now DSC warning light is staying on permanently. I have 3rd party warranty but they will only be able to confirm after diagnosis if this is covered or not. I called Mazda dealer in crawley and they quoted £105 including VAT for initial diagnosis. I am going for this on Thursday. Please can someone suggest what is the best way forward once they have diagnosed the problem ? On reading this thread some poeople have managed to fix this on low price. Also i would like to know if i keep driving my car would it cause any other damage? Am i safe to do so. I would really appreciated your reply. Thanks

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - qbscotty
Hi just an update on my post sometime ago. I did a lot of groundwork myself and ended up paying approx £350 for the fault to be repaired. I managed to get the garage to waive the charge for the diagnostic test and I'm very happy they did as it took them all of 5 minutes and they were going to charge £100 for the pleasure. I advise anyone who has this fault and whose mazda garage qoute them £1500 to fix the job to get in contact with mazda customer services about it. They have all the necessary letters etc that they can pass onto any mazda dealer to help your case. I became a right pain in the backside to my mazda dealer and did everything off my own back and I'm glad I did. Make sure that you get in writing that the new part comes with a 2 year warranty not the 1 year one warranty I was originally told by the mazda dealer!
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - another case - mastiles

Another Mazda 3 Sport owner here - 57 model, 26k. Full service history but the last service was undertaken (to Mazda spec) by an independent dealers)

Had the fault fixed at the local main dealers (paid £420 for the new 'fix) as we were about to go on a long journey and didn't want to risk it with the kids in the car. On my return I wrote to Mazda UK (details found on this thread) and received a very prompt reply offering to reimburse us with 45% of the cost. Enclosed with my letter to them was a printout of this thread, highlighting the many issues people have had with the same fault, along with copies of all service records etc to prove the history of the vehicle. I asked them to pay the full amount in the hope they would offer 40/50% towards it so I feel I got a result of a fashion (although of course I am still some £220 out of pocket).

So I would recommend anyone to put in a bit of effort and contact Mazda with a non-threatening and polite yet firm letter stating facts, backed up with proof, and you might get a similar result.

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06 Sport TCS/DSC and ABS warning light on - Davidr123

It seems from this tread that people with this issue only seem to be seeing the DSC warning light on. My car has the ABS permantly on as well and neither ABS or DSC are working. Is it likely to be the same fault? It will be another week before it can be looked at by the dealer.

06 Sport TCS/DSC and ABS warning light on - Faroe Island


It is also wrong with my Mazda 3 sport. The car had driven 29000 miles when the light began to glow continuously.
The price to fix the problem in the Faroe island 631.78 £.

06 Sport TCS/DSC and ABS warning light on - HypnoC5

It's big 'thank you' from me, a Madza 3 1.6 Diesel owner to all the above posters. I too have been through the 'warning light' experience that you've all been through.

I'd really like to thank all the contributors for being so generous with their advice because it helped me figure out what to do.

I'm happy to report that I have just had the system replaced and it cost me NOTHING!

I bought my Mazda brand new in '06 and had it serviced on schedule by an authorised Mazda dealer. It has done just under 24,000 miles.

I wrote to the dealer quoting the Sale of Goods Act and pointed out their responsibility to supply goods of satisfactory quality. Their response was predictably negative. They informed me that my car was now 4 years old and therefore out of warranty.

I dutifully explained that I was not claiming under the warranty - I was claiming under the SOG.

It took a few more letters in which I was polite, but was extremely firm and clear. They eventually turned to Mazda UK who offered to contribute 55% to the total cost of £425, with me paying the remainder.

I accepted the Mazda UK contribution but refused to pay the balance. I informed the dealership that I would take legal action against them without delay.

A short while later , the dealership accepted responsibility and re-imbursed me fully.

So my advice to anyone else affected is this - learn exactly what obligations the SOG puts on the supplier of goods (in this case the retailer, NOT the manufacturer) to supply goods of satisfactory quality. Write to the dealer clearly, politely and firmly, and do not accept 'no' for an answer.

You need to be prepared to take the matter to the Small Claims Court if the dealer refuses to settle. I was, and they knew it.

Good Luck!

MAZDA 3 Sport (57) - nat.man


I too have had a similar experience with my MAZDA3 Sport.

My Madza came out of warranty on 20th October 2010, a wek later the TSC light remained illuminated.

I have had such a battle with my nearest dealer.

The dealer indicated as I had bought the car from a non mazda dealer and my final service was carried out by a non mazda garage it was tough luck.

The dealer also highlighted that I was now a health and saftey risk as my brakes did not work properly and my vehicle would fail an MOT due to an dangerous defect with the braking system. I was quoted over £600 to fix the car and there was nothing I could do about it.

I decided to speak to another MAZDA dealer. This dealer was very good and sympathised with me.

He got details of services from me and put a case forward for a contribution from MAZDA. I was fortunate enough to have the final bill cost £296. However I am still unhappy with this.

Due to the hydraulic unit being a poor quality item i dont think mazda customers should have to pay for this repair.

I have sent a complaint letter to MAZDA head office with evidence from many forums about the hydraulic pump issues and outlined I would like them to send me the money to cover the full costs of repair.

I await teir decision....

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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - ErskBon

I am flabbergasted to read a thread stretching back to 2009 and for Mazda by the looks of it not to accept full responsibility for a part that is not obvioulsy fit for purpose. It looks from reading through all of the messages that this is being treated on an ad-hoc basis.

I have a Mazda 3 TS 57 plate. I actually bought because of renowned Japanese reliability! I am the second owner and all services have taken place at the same Mazda dealer. Two night ago the DSC light came on and remained on. I am unsure how dangerous this is but as suggested by a previous contributor surely this would result in a recall if deemed dangerous? Anyone able to comment?

Reading other messageboards there are suggestions. This was posted on the 29th of Feb 2011 -

"To reset the TSC/Car Skidding lights -
Disconnect the battery
Turn wheels to full lock right & left"

Has anyone tried this supposed fix?

I only have 24,000 miles on the clock which up to 3 weeks ago was only 22,000. Unfortunately, a family member took critically ill and still remains in hospital. Hence the need to use the car much more. I have yet to contact the garage.Can anyone confirm if they were able to get a quote south of £200? was it necessary to get a lawyer on board?

A number of questions but hopefully people with much more advanced knowledge on me will be in a position to provide advice.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Freeloader

Same problem ..car has passed its last 3 mots ..so obviously the brakes are working ..i bought it 2nd hand from the dealer ..i wont be taking it back 2 get fixed and i wont be buying Mazda again ...stick a bit of black tape over the light then run it into the ground ..get you moneys worth ..then never never buy Mazda again

TCS/DSC warning light on - KTL

Well I'm afraid I'm adding World Car of the Year 2008 - the Mazda 2 to the list now. I have a 2008 1.5 Sport with only 24,000 on the clock. Four months to the day when the warranty ran out the DSC light comes on and stays on.

Mazda Manchester have quoted me £1150 to fix it. I complained and they just focused on the fact that I hadn't bought an extended warranty. So much for their faith in their product.

They're now going to contact HQ to see if they can do this under goodwill.

I asked if this was a common fault and they said no. Hmmm I think so.

So I'll await their answer after the weekend and then if it's not satisfactory I'll give them the 27 pages of complaints from this website and hunt for more elsewhere,

Unbelievable, Such a shame becuase I really loved my car up until this point.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - travman_8

Hi Just had the same problem with my Mazda3 sport. 1 month past 3year warranty and on goes the DSC light. I had 75 % from Mazda and had to pay £98 contribution plus £55 diagnostic fee!! The mileage on my car was 10455 so it is not a wear problem, but most likely a time problem in that something leaks within that time. What seems strange is the widely varing cost of repair. the total cost of my repair was £427.0

I had the break fluid changed at 2 years so water ingress should not be the cause.

On the subject of SOG act you may not be covered if the car was bought directly from Mazda via a dealer who acts as an agent (this is subject ot legal confirmation)

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - aj124124

Hi Just had the same problem with my Mazda 3 sport. Only 1 week past its 3 year warranty, on goes the DSC light. From previous posts two solutions have been reported but not explained. option one is a new unit £1500 [strange how over the years the price is the same] option two, a reconditioned (modified) unit. It has been explained to me that the reconditioned unit has been modified such that the electrical side [the sensor which is the part that does not work ] can be replaced while the mechanical parts are retained. What is not explained is, does this modification also include a rectification to eliminate the problem ?

I am advised the DSC problem relates to condensation on the sensor which to me [I am no expert] sounds like a design issue. Why they continue to fit a unit with design issues is the question.

A two year warranty on this part is offered up to 36000 miles, or a year with unlimited miles. However I was not given a copy of the warranty as they said it is “on the computer” . I am not happy with this. Just to make the whole process perfect my dealer who sold the car to be went bust the day before the service. 65 % of the cost was covered by Mazda, eventualy, however they like to consider the issue [keep you hanging] for a few days to make the process interesting for you......

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06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - yobboung

Hi all,

This all seems to be very sinister to me. I have a 2008 Mazda 3 Sport which is just 2 weeks past it's 3 yr mark. It's as Mazda have built in a timed fault to occur, but that's just my opinion, probably just a coincidence do you think....lol My car has just turned the 16000 miles mark, so not a long distance driver me!!

I'm getting rid of it this week along with the so called fault, DEaler told me that it was something to do with the ABS hydraulic pump unit and they checked with Mazda Technical Dept and was told it is safe to drive with.....emmm just glad it's going this week although it has been a great car.

Just thought I would put in my two penneth worth.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - dubmark74

Hi, same problem here, 2007 TS2 Diesel Mazda 3, Code C1288. I bought the car in Northern Ireland but imported into Southern Ireland, so i'm not sure who covers this, Mazda UK or IRL. I paid 65 euro for diagnostic at Mazda dealer, even though i told them the fault code as i read it with my own code reader. They have to get back to me with a quote, but estimate it to be about 2000 euro. They are going to contact Mazda to see if they'll cover any of this. I'll let you know how i get on. Anyone in Ireland had this problem? Thanks.

TCS/DSC warning light on - RobertinHerts

Same problem here. 3 months after Warranty expired. Thanks for all your helpful comments and of course to HJ for providing this very valuable forum. I reviewed them carefully before visiting my regular main dealer..

They automatically printed the quote with the 75% goodwill gesture which they presented on my return to collect the car. Although they'd always done the servicing I hadn't actually purchased it from them.

I wrote to the original company, Ford retail, actually, who no longer have the Mazda dealership quoting the Sale of Goods Act, they ignored my letters.

Using the legal service which I purchase with the house insurance (for the first time) their solicitor said that the Warranty expiry was irrelevent and that it sounded like a case of Breach of Contract. I suppose I could have equally used the one that I get with the car insurance.

Yesterday I spoke to Mazda who phoned back today admitting that it was a sub-standard component unworthy of an otherwise reliable brand. They had arranged with my regular dealer that it will be repaired at no charge to me.

I pointed out to Mazda that the few pounds that they collect is at the expense of their reputation and even the loss of a few future sales from the bad publicity would make it costly to them.

The dealer ordered the part and the job is due to be carried out on Monday.

Good luck all. For those that have already paid out, even if you didn't write the words 'Under protest' when you paid I suggest you check out your rights. A court would expect a Mazda to last more than 3 years before parts like this fails.

06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - BornAgainCyclist
Just taken my Mazda 3 Sport back to Dealer (TW White & Sons, Orpington).
4 weeks outside warranty period, with TCS/DSC warning light on. Dealer serviced from new, 19500 miles on the clock, I'll let you know how we get on.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - BornAgainCyclist
Update: Just collected the car from the dealer (TW White & Sons, Orpington). The total bill was £106.52, which included 2 hrs labour at 36% discount, Brake fluid and 25% towards the cost of the ABS unit which was supplied by the dealer at cost, Mazda paying the other 75% as a gesture of goodwill.
I have to give credit where it's due; the dealer was sympathetic from the outset and I didn't have to do any 'jumping up and down', although I did casually mention this thread on 'Honestjohn.com. They lent me a car free of charge while the work was done. I'm a very happy bunnie and will probably go back to them for my next Mazda. It also has confirmed the benefit, for me, of main dealer servicing.
06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - nickorossa


This is an interesting discussion.

My Mazda 3 Sport 07 has just had this light come on. 100,800 miles on the clock and its extended warrenty expires at the end of April or maybe it expired at 100,000 miles; I'll need to check.

Its always been Mazda services except the last one.

My patience with Mazda has been running out over the last year or so maily due to their ridiculous charges for parts and labour and if this is going to cost me £1500+ to fix I'm going to be pretty annoyed about it.

It is absolutely shocking that a single part costs £1500 which is about 10% of the car price at new.

Will see what happens.


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - nickorossa


An update on my vehicles issue.

I checked the extended warranty on Sunday morning to find that it expired that very day (29th April). Took the car to the dealers to register the fault which they did and gave me a job card for.

Had the car looked at on the Monday morning and it was confirmed fault C1288.

The dealer told me that the ABS and traction control wouldn't be working but as they are driver aids rather than safety critical there was no problem driving the car, just be careful of heavy breaking and slippery conditions (wetest few weeks in UK for 5 years, typical).

Booked car to have fault fixed on Friday and the dealer would follow up with exteneded warrenty people. Cost of repair would be £522, plus another £36 for the diagnostics check.

Job all done and the warrenty covered the £522 for the replacement part and fitting. The warrenty people's only concern was that the fault occurred before the warranty expiry so it was a good job I checked the paperwork and went in on the Sunday to register the fault.

The handling of this fault by Mazda has put them back to the top of my shopping list when I replace the car sometime this year. This is the only serious fault in 5 years and 100k miles.

Good luck to anyone else with the same issue.


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - TomBasci

TCS/DSC light & ABS unit failure (Mazda 5)

I wish I had read this page before buying our Mazda! I then wouldn't have.

We bought a brand new 08 plate nearly top-of-the-range Mazda 5 (a Sport Diesel) from a Mazda dealership near Gatwick airport. We thought we were "trading up" to a Mazda given their showing in the JD Power surveys [where are they in those now?] and liked the MPV space, high driving position and car-park convenience of the sliding doors.

Just 6 months out of warranty (year 3 1/2), the TCS/DSC light came on. The car had done less than 12k miles. My partner rang the dealership whilst we were driving – who promised the ABS was unaffected. It wasn't – it had failed. (Luckily we never had cause to invoke the ABS before it was fixed.)

I looked on the internet and found the "Honest John" and Mazda-campaign.co.uk sites. My partner called the dealership and got increasingly irate with the lack of ownership and customer service. The dealership quoted £2,000 for the part, and then as we had a FSH, that was sugared with a goodwill discount. It was clear, as evidenced on the above websites, this was a well-known fault and the dealership/Mazda weren't prepared to stand behind their own product.

My partner was very open and told Mazda UK that we were both lawyers and would get our own way. Mazda UK shined us on, and simply offered a 55% "goodwill" discount.

I sent the letter below. I have sanitised it in the hope it will be useful for others.

I also sent my letter via email to Mazda Japan. The mazda.co.jp site has a list of directors and Mazda Japan's email format is [lastname].[initial of first name]@mazda.co.jp.

As mentioned in my letter, I also filed a complaint with VOSA – as the warning light did not indicate the ABS had failed, so a clear safety issue.

The upshot was my partner was contacted by the dealership who replaced the ABS unit free of charge (claiming they bore some of the goodwill and Mazda UK some). Apparently someone from Mazda UK was present to oversee the repair.

A shame – the concept of the Mazda 5 and it sliding doors is a good one - at the time it was only the bigger Peugeot & Citroens (which I deemed unreliable) which had sliding doors. A pity the 5 is so poorly executed in terms of quality.

Irrespective of the fact it was just outside warranty, the dealership's and Mazda UK's attitude was shocking – they just backed away from anything remotely resembling customer service.

[A point of clarity: Under UK sale of goods legislation, a buyer's claim is against the seller - the dealership you bought the car from. The law gives you certain rights around satisfactory quality. Martin Lewis' website (moneysavingexpert.com) gives some good background on SOGA/satisfactory quality in a consumer context. Mazda UK therefore are legally irrelevant (and also from a customer service angle), though commercially Mazda Japan should be concerned about what Mazda UK is doing to the reputation of the Mazda brand. As you will see from my letter, your claim would be for the cost of putting things right. Where that cost/loss is under £5k, you bring the claim in the small claims court/track, which is quite claimant-friendly. There are websites giving free good advice on bring small claims court claims – e.g. the government direct.gov site.]




[Customer Services Manager]

[Dealer from whom you bought car]

Dear Sir/Madam


We purchased the above Mazda [ ] from your [location] dealership on or about [date].


On [ ], the traction control (TCS/DCS) warning light illuminated on the dashboard of the above vehicle and did not extinguish.

I noticed this whilst driving and immediately called your [location] dealership to check whether this was of concern. I asked what the light meant, and in particular whether it indicated any fault with the anti-lock braking system ("ABS"), [given that we had [number] small children on board]. We were promised the ABS was unaffected but it was suggested we should have the fault checked when next convenient. At this time, our vehicle's mileage was approximately [number] miles.

[On [date], I spoke to [name] in the service department of your [location] dealership and arranged a free diagnostic check. We delivered the vehicle to [location] for this check at [time] on [date]. When we collected the vehicle, we spoke with [name]. [Mr name] told us that the ABS had failed and a new part was required, costing over £[ ] to supply and fit. We expressed our horror and surprise given this vehicle's low mileage and full [dealership name] service history.

[Mr name] agreed to discuss this matter with Mazda Motors UK Limited ("Mazda UK") on our behalf. We had to chase Mr [name] on or about [date], who then indicated Mazda had offered us a []% goodwill gesture. We escalated this matter that same day to Mazda UK's customer services team where we spoke with [name] who simply confirmed the same percentage. We indicated this was not acceptable and [name] promised that Mazda UK "would investigate" the matter.]

[We have subsequently received a letter dated [date] from Mazda UK, which states your repair cost of £[ ] was incorrect, but indicating Mazda UK is still only willing to make a goodwill contribution of [ ]%, resulting in a repair cost of £[ ].]


At the time of this fault, this vehicle was less than [ ] years old. In that time, it had done about [number] miles - the industry accepted one year average mileage.

It is a clear safety issue for the ABS unit to fail and the ABS warning light not to indicate such failure. I am deeply concerned that you told us the ABS was unaffected by this fault, when actually the ABS unit had failed. From a brief internet search, it is clear that Mazda vehicles have recurring faults with TCS/DCS/ABS systems and warning lights.

It is clear that this vehicle is faulty in that it is not of satisfactory quality under UK consumer goods legislation with regards to freedom from minor defects, safety and durability.


We purchased a Mazda due to the strong reputation for reliability we believed Mazda had, even above other Japanese brands. This is our first Mazda. We are now questioning the quality and reliability of Mazda.

In accordance with our consumer rights, we require you to resolve this matter and expect you to repair this fault completely free of charge.

We have spoken with your Mr [name] a number of times and given you and Mazda UK a reasonable opportunity to resolve this complaint, but you and Mazda UK have failed to do so.

Therefore, unless you confirm, within 14 days from the date of this letter, that you will repair this fault free of charge, then we will have the vehicle repaired at another dealership and issue Court proceedings for recovery of the repair costs without further notice to you. The cost of issuing this Court action will be added to our claim.

I will also be taking this further with consumer rights bodies and informing the UK Government's Department of Transport's vehicle safety agency of this safety issue.

Furthermore, in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules' Practice Direction regarding pre-action conduct, I require disclosure of:

· full details of the results of the diagnostic check carried out on this vehicle on [date] with all engine management error codes;

· copies of all correspondence between you and Mazda UK regarding this vehicle and our complaint; and

· copies of all information issued to you by Mazda UK and/or Mazda Japan regarding TCS, DCS and/or ABS unit/light faults and failures on Mazda vehicles.

I refer you to the above Practice Direction and also draw your attention to paragraph 4 thereof concerning the Court's powers to impose sanctions for failure to comply with that Practice Direction.

I await your substantive and meaningful response.

Yours faithfully


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - Tim3822

I have a Mazda 2 Sport 1.5L which is a 2008 model. This morning I noticed the TSC/DSC warning light had come on and was staying on. My mum has a Mazda 3 which is about the same age and had this very same problem no more than 6 months ago. I've contacted my dealer but they want to charge me £80 for the pleasure of them plugging it into their diagnostic computer. My mum managed to get some goodwill, but they seem pretty hostile against anything at the moment. Does the Mazda 2 have the same part that causes this fault? From reading so many instances in this thread of the same problem I am simply amazed that there hasn't been a recall over this, anyone who thinks ABS or traction control isn't a saftey issue is on a different planet.

To make matters worse, I'm a student nurse and rely on my car to get to clinical placements. If I struggle to get goodwill it's going to hit me hard, I get £500 a month and only have about £180 of that free after my bills go out. Looks like I'll be living off bread and water lol. The fact that it's a non-serviceable part makes it even worse. I had a recall on my motorbike for a much smaller problem and didn't pay a penny. Maybe I'll be going back to two wheels!

Any advice or help would be really appreciated!

EDIT: Some extra info. The vehicle has done just under 44.5k miles and has only just been MOT'd. Is due for it's annual service, which I was saving up to get done at the end of the month. The car has a full dealership service history.

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Appalling Mazda reliability - RobT

On a slightly different tack having already had the DSC light problem, this having been fixed at great expense. I had the heater control fail on a 55 Mazda 3 Sport with about 30,000 on the clock. Thinking it would be a straightforward repair I could not believe it when I was informed the heater control unit needed to be replaced at a cost of about £850! This basically the knob on the dashboard which sets the temperature (climate control).

Mazda did concede a 15% goodwill payment which still left a bill of about £740 - this just to keep keep the windows clear and me warm in the winter

Customer services are a waste of time and the woman I dealt with would not give a straight answer to any complaints, apparently a seven year old Mazda is an old car with 30k on the clock, and one should expect expensive faults. this was just over two months ago and I am still furious about it.


06 1600 TCS/DSC warning light on - KingCharles
Just had the dreaded DSC/TSC light come on for our Mazda 3 Sport 2l. 57plate and done 55k.

Gutted as we love the car - no hassle at all in year we have had it,

Anyway, error code C1288 diagnosed by my own code reader then confirmed by local auto-electrician. Error is:

"pressure transducer main primary input" and it is affecting the ABS pump module.

They looked to see if there were any switches or fuses that could be altered/replaced and no joy there.

Suggestion is it will be an MOT failure. It drives completely fine and has only kicked in since the ABS came on during short drive on icy road.

Surely if Mazda know about this it can't be £1500 to repair to get rid of a SAFETY warning light.

Anyone had any recent experiences with this and what best fix is?

Ask Honest John

Value my car