02 1.8 hole in sump, seized engine - eddie lane
my son was driving home last night he went through a deep puddle he did not notice the was a exhaust back box in the water as he went overit it hit is sump and made a hloe in it he only new the was a problem was when his oil light came on but by the time he could stop the engine hads seized so it looks like another engine or take the sump off and have a look any ideas anyone thanks

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02 1800 hole in sump seized engine - mfarrow
New engine, there won't be anything economically salvagable from the old one.
02 1800 hole in sump seized engine - eddie lane
i have changed a good few engines over the years but only done 1 mk2 zetec engine i know the best way 2 do it is 2 drop the bed and take it out from underneath but as i am gettig old and have bad knees the only way is out through the top i did it with the mark2 if you get the angle right can it be done on a mk3 thanks
02 1800 hole in sump seized engine - spikeyhead {p}
Has the engine seized from loss of oil through the sump hole or has it ingested water? Take the plugs out and try turning it over.
02 1800 hole in sump seized engine - eddie lane
no water as i thought it has seized due 2 the sump so it looks like a big job is going 2 start soon thanks 4 your help
02 1800 hole in sump seized engine - Dynamic Dave
Eddie, could I ask that you add some punctuation in your posts to break up the sentences a bit and thus make for easier reading.
ps, could you also lose the 'txt' talk as well please.

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