03 2.0 engine problems - sherkhahn
We have a 53 plate 2.0 HDI and recently every journey has seen the "anti-pollution Fault" light appear and a corresponding rev cut to 2200 rpm - switch engine off for about 30 minutes, fault reset and car back to normal.
(Peugeot gave it a good ignoring on the last service)
Yesterday as usual light came on about ten miles later going up a hill car made what sounded like a pinking sound and then started to self rev to 5000 ish rpm and emmitted enough white smoke to fill three lanes of the an A road. This was despite my wife pulling over quite smartish and me taking the keys out of the ignition and us running away and watching the thing seemingly about to self destruct - having taken the inlet tract apart it is oil impregnated - any ideas.

03 2.0 engine problems - Armitage Shanks {p}
It sounds as though it has been burning its own engine oil and has over-revved, possibly to self destruction. Has the sump ever been overfilled? After this event how did you get home and does the engine still run?
03 2.0 engine problems - sherkhahn
As my wife was driving at the time and she errs on the side of caution to say the least - it hasnt been overrevved - the car is serviced by Peugeot - so it hasnt been overfilled. After this event I had to tow it to my home - however today - a day later it will start and tickover - but the dipstick level is way too high - about 1cm above the upper level and the inlet tract is full of oil!!!
03 2.0 engine problems - steve_earwig
Your wife might not have any say in the matter. Diesels don't have a butterfly valve (well, some do but that's not the point) as the engine revs are controlled by the amount of oil injected. If the engine manages to source another supply of oil (e.g. the sump) depending on how much oil the engine can rev until it goes bang, the key won't even do anything because all that does is shut of the diesel supply. The only thing you can do is stall the engine, not always easy in traffic (hope it's not automatic...). Usually this is caused by seals failing in the turbo but that's not too common on an HDi.

Sounds like you've got away with it but bear in mind flying conrods next time you start it.

My first thought was that the sump had been overfilled but, as you says, those great chaps at Pug couldn't possibly make such an elemental mistake.
03 2.0 engine problems - steve_earwig
Still thinking about this, not sure if this car has a FAP, does anyone know if the warning in the DPF FAQ (tinyurl.com/l37e93) re. sump oil contamination can apply in any way, shape or form, to a system using eolys?