04 3.0 overheating - Gib130
IN April 2009 (1,000 miles driving ago) I bought an Grand Espace Initiale from a car dealer in Edinburgh. I took the scenic route back to the North East of England and the car drove beautifully. I was delighted. The next day I was able to try some motor way driving and found that over 60 mph it quickly overheated. I booked it into my local Renault dealer and thought that the computer would identify the problem. As the car had only 62k miles on the clock I didn't envisage anything serious. The garage said that they were having difficulty identifying the fault and could I bring it in again. The findings left me speechless. They said that it needed a new engine at a cost of £9,443.00 - much more than the car was worth. Renault customer services said that the would kindly pay 20%
After smelling salts I then went onto the Internet and tried to find a solution. Initial thoughts suggested that it may be a water pump then a local garage advised that it was probably 90% likely a head gasket. (which one I don't know) However they couldn't do it as they said that it needed specialist Renault tools. ...... Oh no, not the main dealer again!!! Does anyone know of a reliable garage in the North East of England, with the necessary tools, to do the job. I can't afford to scrap the car. I've had an Espace for the last 10 years with relative trouble free motoring. Ive just retired, spent all my money and hoped that this one would out last me. So far, not much luck. Thanks,

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04 3000 overheating - bell boy
you bought the car on a wednesday off a dealer in edinburgh and drove 1000 miles to the northeast (can i ask which way you went home?)
next day engine overheats
now we are in july

04 3000 overheating - Gib130
Not sure what you're getting at. Just telling it as it is. I came back via Jedburgh route, not A1, I didn't or wasn't able to really push the car over 50. If you've driven that route you'll know. It was my first automatic car so even though I'm now in my 60's this was very new to me. The car was a delight to drive. With only 52k miles on the clock and my previous experience of Renault I was totally happy. I genuinely believed that the computer wasn't telling the fans to click in or something like that. In over 40 years of motoring I have had no problems or experience like this. After a couple of days of owning the car I had to go away for 3 weeks and therefor couldn't book the car in to check it out immediately. The car is still a beauty but Renault say i need to spend £9k+ to enable me to drive over 50-60 mph, I need help finding a garage who is not main dealer to look at it for me. Thanks
04 3000 overheating - Gib130
sorry bell boy didn't mean to confuse, the car has only done 1,000 miles since I bought it, As you are no doubt well aware Edinburgh to Newcastle is not 1.000 miles. I'm now retired and hardly go anywhere.
04 3000 overheating - SpamCan61 {P}
I had a very similar issue on one of my bangernomics Omegas, coolant temeprature was fine around town, even in traffic, and during light footed motorway cruising. However when I tried rattling uphill at 70 mph + the needle would head for the red zone pronto. Turned out to be a HT lead i.e. the engine was having to work harder than normal due to poor spark and so was generating excess heat.

I'm not saying it's particularly likely the OP's problem is a HT lead, but it could be something other than the cooling system at fault.
04 3000 overheating - Collos25
Take it back to the dealer and get your money back you are entitled to full recompense.These are horrible vehicles and in 3.0 form in perfect order its worthless in the trade.

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