Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - BobbyG

I loved the Mk1 Golf GTI - trendsetter, first hot hatch etc....

But £16,500 for one with only 500 miles? With loads of receipts??

Suppose it will go straight into someone else's collection!!
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - bhoy wonder
I want it, I want it. Crazy money they are asking though.
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - mike hannon
If an individual wants something enough and particularly if he or she gets excited at an auction,
then they will pay.
Under the well-known '30 year rule' men in their 40s are now paying £10,000 for preserved Mk 1 Ford Escorts.
The other day I saw someone had paid £15,000 for a Messerschmitt(?) 3-wheel cabin scooter. Now that really is bonkers.
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - oldnotbold
And here's a Mk2 GTi with 70k for £6k..
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - boxsterboy
Doesn't say much for VW build quality if it needed a full nut and bolt rebuild and respray after only 500 miles!
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - oldnotbold
Surely not 500 miles from new?
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - RickyBoy
Heh! Perhaps you could haggle the price down to £12K if it was supplied without a full-sized spare?
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - DP
It's a bit like the Astra I posted a link to last week. If someone wants it, they'll pay it on the grounds that finding another one as good elsewhere is going to be nigh on impossible.

Low mileage, unmolested whale tail Sierra Cosworths are now routinely fetching £20k +. Not bad for a car that was £17k new nearly 25 years ago.

Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - Pugugly
In fairness I think its slightly different to the Astra - the Golf is an icon an (arguably) where it all started and I doubt whether you would find anyone with an axe to grind about its looks, performance, handling.
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - bell boy
things dont change do they as it comes with a file
pity they didnt fit a lock set after it was scroated
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - Happy Blue!
Where's the twin headlight grille?
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - Armitage Shanks {p}
I think that came with the 1800cc engine and was a MK2? I bought one for £4000, tax free for export in the late 70s. I don't see where the nut and bolt rebuild came from - perhaps it is 500 miles since that was done. As an aside, it is odd that one of country's leading car dealers can't spell Concours.
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - ifithelps
... doubt whether you would find anyone with an axe to grind about its looks, performance, handling...

Don't mention the brakes.

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Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - Happy Blue!
...or the size of the fuel tank - 9 gallons at most I think.
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - Pugugly
OK - feet of clay but still an icon !!
Mk1 GTI for £16k !! - Happy Blue!

Probably the only other car post 1960 that can lay claim to that description is the Audi Quattro. Both influenced modern car design more than any other car other than the Mini.

Other cars have been interesting (e.g. original Merc A-class) and whilst the Espace and/or Voyager of the early 1980s were influential, they are not icons.

Give me a nice Mk 1 Golf GTi with 1.8 litre engine please and I think I would be happy.