Protecting rusty exhausts - TimOrridge
What could I use to further protect a rusty exhaust (from CAT back) from the elements. It is mainly surface rust and not advanced corrosion. AFAIK it is the original (11 years old). I do remember "madf" having a 15 year old original exhaust and he did do something which withstood the heat.
Protecting rusty exhausts - gordonbennet
After rubbing the thing down you could try some 'chiminea' paint from ebay or indeed Holdens do some heatproof paint meant for manifolds (very high temp paint) expensive.

I've used both on my pick up's exhaust which was rusting at delivery...the Holdens stuff at the front where it's hottest and the chiminea paint at the rear end.

Both seem ok at the moment, whether they'll help long term we will just have to wait and see.
Protecting rusty exhausts - TimOrridge
Chimnea on eBay - it's only £6.00

Might last the 2-3 years I expect out of the car. Thanks, I will look it up.
Protecting rusty exhausts - bell boy
if you use it you dry the water off it
it then follows that rust is abatted
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