96 2.0 Tapping noise when accelerating - flinflon
My ex co car (automatic) has done 106,000 miles without major fault. It has been serviced at local Honda dealer since new. For past 6 months I have noticed a tapping noise from engine when accelerating especially after 2,000 rpm. It is very pronounced on cold start but can still be heard after long motor way runs. My wife says it sounds like I'm running some great big sewing machine!

Could it be the fuel - I have made several trips to France recently and have filled up with 95 E10 grade petrol. Most petrol stations now have only this grade and rumour has it that this new stuff can cause problems with old cars.
96 2.0 Tapping noise when accelerating - Rattle
I think that stuff can just cause corrosion in the petrol tank rather than any problems within the engine itself. Would you say it was a pinking (pre ignition) sound?
96 2.0 Tapping noise when accelerating - mike hannon
Most Hondas have tappets that need to be adjusted in the old-fashioned way. When was the car last serviced?