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hi all

Our problem started sunay when our 2.2 tid (85,000 miles)would not start. we filled up at tesco the previous evening and then home. there had been no previous warnings. Only recent problem being the fuel gauge would occasionally drop then return while in use. the other problem noticed is the fan cuts in after trying to start it for a few seconds then off
the car has since gone into the garage and they have diagnosed fuel pump gone, all in bill of £2000! thats all the car is worth!
anyone one have sensible ideas? at the price the garage has quoted they have effectivly written the car off for us.
we are not the richest of people but love our car. she is due to take us round europe in august via romania!
Many thanks in advance for any help
02 2.2 possible injector pump failure. Help! - Armitage Shanks {p}
I have had this failure on this engine, in the past. Do a forum search by make of car and it will take you to a thread I posted re a refurb company in Swansea which did it for about £800 with a 12 month warranty.
02 2.2 possible injector pump failure. Help! - Armitage Shanks {p}
Did it for you! here is the thread

relevant quote is

Update. A SAAB original pump is £1800, a SAAB refurb is £1500 and a refurb by Shorts of Swansea (with 1 Yr warranty) is £914. All this, plus fitting, at the dealer who has the car in his workshop.

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