£100K for Lotus Esprit Turbo #1 ? - henry k
£100K for Lotus Esprit Turbo #1 ? - Pugugly
I was almost tempted by the Lotus Evora as featured on Fifth Gear on Monday, but that would be a total waste of £60k of my ill-gotten gains wouldn't it...?

007's Esprit was very cool at the time though....
£100K for Lotus Esprit Turbo #1 ? - Lud
Esprit Turbo could go quite fast but wasn't a very nice car really.

The Bond connection for me is the real kiss of death though.

Load of vulgar silly cobblers.
£100K for Lotus Esprit Turbo #1 ? - MikeTorque
It would qualify for the scrappage scheme !
£100K for Lotus Esprit Turbo #1 ? - Pugugly
Load of vulgar silly cobblers....

....comes across a bit snobbish that ! It was unpretentious and camp FUN Lud.
£100K for Lotus Esprit Turbo #1 ? - Lud
unpretentious and camp FUN

Never amused me much. Snobbish of me perhaps though.

Apparently JFK was so keen to have Bond types working for the US too that some general put on a show for him using a lot of circus performers and acrobats. He gave the OK and the result was 'special forces': murder squads working behind the lines in Vietnam. Their descendants are still with us (or rather, harrassing innocent Afghan poppy farmers) today.

Fun huh?
£100K for Lotus Esprit Turbo #1 ? - lotusexige
The problem for the Evora is that pricewise it is in the same region as the Cayman and the GTR.