Best Selling car in June - Falkirk Bairn
Best selling cars in June

1)Prius - 22,000
2)Jazz - 14,000

In Japan that is.

Best Selling car in June - glowplug
I would love a drive in a Prius. Very curious about how they drive.

Best Selling car in June - niceguyeddy
New Prius out very very soon.

Pop along to your local Toyota dealer or book a test drive through

Best Selling car in June - DP
I would love to try one and find out what the real world fuel economy is like. I've heard so many conflicting reports.
Best Selling car in June - glowplug
I would go for a test drive but can't afford one and it wouldn't sit easily on my mind knowing I was wasting someones time deliberately - even a car salesmans.

It would be interesting as DP says to find out what the real world MPG is like. I would guess that living in a very hilly city and only making short journeys that reasonable savings could be made. Part of the attraction for me is the technology which is the same reason I like hydraulic Citroens. I wish GM hadn't crushed all the EV1s, it would have been interesting to see how they coped over the years without dealer support. Still it would have been better if they'd have had a small ongoing project for them, even if not commercially viable then as a long term real world research project.

The attraction for me with electric cars is the relative mechanical simplicity and lack of toxic extras that we need to keep our current vehicles running, I'm thinking about fluids and oils. Thinking of how much money such products generate it's no wonder there's so little progress away from current technology.

Personally I don't mind that other drivers don't want/like electric vehicles but I'd like a choice if possible.