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Hi there,
Hope I can get some advise over the following areas, since am a new citroen xantia 1.9TD owner. I like the car because of its features. Also am a middle class income category. Just bought the car because of cheap diesel price and low mileage. I really trying to get read of the following problem. But very difficult to mention to the car workshop and don?t know what to tell. Please give some advice over on this.

Cannot judge Car Temperature (radiator water too corroded and yellow orange in color).
1. If I drove the car continuously more than 200 KM distance with the avg speed of 100km/h, along the way if I happen to drive car thru any uphill I gear down and it cause the temperature went more than 80 degree very fast. Once I get into normal road, the temperature maintain to 60 to 70. Outside temperature average 30 degree C. if I continuously drive up to 20 KM with the speed of 50 to 60KM/H uphill using 3 and 4 gear. The temperature can easily reach the maximum level. I have to stop and add water upto 2 to 3 liters. Then the temperature remain the normal 60 to 70. Recently made a water leak test and the Forman claim just by pass the heater matrix system due the weather condition, and he claims that we wouldn?t need to heater matrix system and he by the water tube by not going to matrix system. I found the water come out from coolant expansion tank filler cap too corroded and yellow orange. Please advice on this.
Clutch engage problem.
1. Even though full clutch pressed the second gear always engage with uncomfortable engaging.
Engine automatically off during morning sometimes.
1. In the morning time, While car runs when I give more gas automatically the engine like off or get decreasing the throttle, the more I press the less the throttle and like engine wants to give up. But after sometimes it can be normal and I can use like normal.
High mileage
1. 1 liter diesel city ride 9 to 10 km / Liter. Hi way 13 to 14 KM/liter.
Hydralic oil always leaking hydraulic fluid level indicator.

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96 19td Desperately need advice over the maintenan - rip
im sure someone will be along soon, but in the meantime go to www.frenchcarforum.co.uk go to the citroen forum and there is lots of info re xantias and lots of experts.
96 19td Desperately need advice over the maintenan - Peter.N.
Your loss of water and susequent rise in temperature is probably being cause by a leaking head gasket, when you drive the engine hard the internal pressure increases and blows the water out of the overflow.

The 'crunching' when changing gear may be due to worn synchromesh on that gear, especially if it only does it in one gear.

The lack of engine power when cold is probably due to a clogged fuel filter, try changing it. If not, you could have an air leak in the fuel system allowing the fuel to drain back to the tank when parked.