03 1.9 Traction control light - slall
I am having problem with the light staying on for Traction Control whilst driving on a skoda octavia 1.9 03 plate diesel. I changed the MAF but still had no luck. Fault code comes up as 17568 P1160 Manifold Temp.Sensor Circ. Short to Ground. The car seems to lack in power lately, any ideas? I have read on this forum that people have changed MAF but it didnt seem to work for me.
Will this pass MOT?


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03 1.9 Traction control light - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
You need to get the fault memory read for the ABS controller. The engine controller will only give codes for, naturally enough, the engine unless the fault on another controller has a direct effect on the engine.
The code you have shows the temp sensor in the manifold may have a fault, nothing to do with the MAF as this only measures intake air temp.