CO2, Tax and Tolls - Brian
Can anyone come up with a logical explanation as to why the government is introducing a complicated scale of road tax which bases the annual charge on the CO2 output of a new car under laboratory conditions.
Surely CO2 bears a direct relationship to fuel consumption. With the penal rates of fuel duty in the UK the emission is already factored in and a £10 or so upper or downer on the tax is irrelevant. In addition a fixed charge takes absolutely no account of mileage driven, driving style or the standard of maintenance of the vehicle, all of which will affect the C02 output.

I would also question the matter of road tolls. With a fuel price of £3.50 per gallon and a car doing 35 mpg, fuel costs 10p per mile, 7.5p of which is tax. I consider that to be quite high enough on its own.

I am also miffed about the Dartford Crossing. The tolls should have finished last year when the construction cost had been covered, as agreed with the tunnel's management committee. The government retained them. Why build a bridge to facilitate transport and then charge a toll which discourages its use?.
Re: CO2, Tax and Tolls - John Slaughter

Yes, CO2 relates directly to fuel use, so the CO2 production is taxed proportionately via fuel taxes. Being cynical, I can only assume that the government has so-called 'road tax' and doesn't want to give it up as a means of getting (even more) revenue.

I imagine they view it as a means of indicating to car owners the consequences of their vehicle choice in a direct, 'pay in one lump sum' manner. Clearly they consider car owners don't recognise this when they fill up with fuel.

As you say though, the road tax cost, or the differences between different road tax bands is insignificant - it's comparable to the cost of a tank of fuel or two.


Re: CO2, Tax and Tolls - Ian Cook
I think the retention of road tax is linked to other things. The DVLA computer system is crap - with modern software and databases it should be far more powerful and provide a better service to the motorist.

However, it would take investment to replace it. What, I hear you say? This government invest in anything to do with the motorist - they'll only do that for speed cameras, because they get a quick return.

Then again if the DVLA computer system were upgraded, what would they do with all the staff at the DVLA?

To me this smacks of "jobs for the boys" and "squeeze the motorist until the pips squeak!"
Re: CO2, Tax and Tolls - Andrew Tarr
What would they do with the staff at the DVLA? They would take on more to make the new computer system work - you can be sure it wouldn't, at least to begin with. Don't forget the magnificent new air-traffic control centre!!
Re: CO2, Tax and Tolls - Darcy Kitchin
and the passport system ...
Re: CO2, Tax and Tolls - stuart bruce
You mean there are any pips left to squeak!

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