2003 1.3 overheating help!! duratec - Hairstrokes
KA Duratec (the new type) 1.3 year 2003, fan has been running a lot lately, the temp light came on the dash... looked under the bonnet and I saw the header tank it has starting to split. let it cool down and had a look. all the pipes are getting hot and the heater is red hot. but it is pressurising too much. used the block test fluid, it stayed blue? did not turn yellow.

as I said all pipes hot? not looking good is it? never taken the head of,this model is there a locking tool needed?

any other diagnostics I should do? what do you think is it, is this model prone to head gaskets or similar.

Thank you people


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20 1.3 overheating help!! duratec - Another John H
Is it worth finding out if the thermostat is stuck shut first before decapitating it?
20 1.3 overheating help!! duratec - Hairstrokes
Thanks John,

you could be right, I have not been in the trade for some time.....I am jumping the gun!

did notice that the small return pipe, top of the (header tank) although its getting how, it was not really flowing loads out of there? do you know these duretech`s well?

Are they known for thermostats? I have replaced the heater valve twice on the car! I know they are known for that.

20 1.3 overheating help!! duratec - The AA Man
Ive attended to loads of these on the roadside, and the most common problem is thermostat related, if its lost coolant, its probably a split stat housing, but if not, a faulty thermostat. Advisable to replace stat and housing together.
20 1.3 overheating help!! duratec - piston power
I replaced stat with same problem not too cheap really for what it is new stat and O ring if i remember, it's fairly easy to do r/h side looking at engine in a plastic housing.
20 1.3 overheating help!! duratec - Rattle
When my dads 1.3 Endura (similar engine just very different heads) overheated it was the thermostat. Gave us a scare as we had only had the car a day!

I have read reports of a few radiators cores getting blocked on the Ka too so that might be something to consider. If you have lost coolant though it can only be a crack in the engine (e.g HG) or a split pipe, leaking radiator etc I would have thought.
20 1.3 overheating help!! duratec - Hairstrokes
Ill give it a go....nice one guys, I hope.... I see euro do a cheap and a better one.....