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Best Weather Forecast? - Nsar
Right then, we're having a big hoolie round our gaff on Saturday (and no, you're not invited) so I need to know what the weather's going to be like a few miles north of Manchester

Will it be sunny? Yes or no?

There seems to be some difference of opinion on some of the sites I've looked (major newspapers)

Thanks and if you're right, I'll drink an extra pint for you, if that's humanly possible.

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Best Weather Forecast? - RobertyBob
I find the Met Office as good as anyone. They only forecast 5 days ahead though; you will need to look later for Saturday's forecast. Most (but not all) other forecasts are based on Met Office data.

Met Office link:

Best Weather Forecast? - nick
xcweather.co.uk is good, especially for windspeeds, it's aimed at pilots so hopefully as accurate as can be. Updated several times a day too.
Best Weather Forecast? - NorfolkDriver
I'm with Nick on this one.

Being a dinghy sailor on the Broads I need to know when/where the wind is going to be around and whether I will need suncream or full foulweather kit.

Hover your mouse over a location on the map and it will show windspeed, click the location and it will show the predicted weather.

It is very accurate for this area.

Manchester on Saturday is showing as possible showers for 1600 onwards on Saturday.
Best Weather Forecast? - commerdriver
Interesting site, also handy for finding airfields and RAF bases from the look of it
Best Weather Forecast? - maz64
They only forecast 5 days ahead though

IIRC the accuracy of weather forecasts depends on what 'state' it's in. Sometimes in can be in a chaotic state where you could in theory take as many measurements as you like and analyse them with as power a supercomputer as you like and you still wouldn't get a result which you could have any confidence in.

I find the best forecasts are the whole country night/day ones on Ceefax page 401 - don't trust anything more specific/longer range than that.
Best Weather Forecast? - pmh2
This link will not help in forward planning, but may allow you to manage the event.

With a bit of practice you can track the weather over the preceding 3/6 hours, and make a pretty good guess when/if the heavy rain hits your event.


Set it up for your location

Best Weather Forecast? - pmh2


When you have set up your location click on Google Maps under the personalised map, and you can then zoom to a much close scale of your location. I find it better to have 2 presented maps on display - one large one small scale you can then predict what is going to affect you very accurately. It does not really cope with 'spontaneous ' showers but is very good with moving weather patterns.

Note that the time is given as CET I think not BST.

Best Weather Forecast? - Nsar
Thanks for the replies, both of the links are very handy and the Met Office one looks pretty tidy for the weekend unless a low can go from being immobile over the Grand Banks for four days to crossing the Atlantic in 12 hours.

Bring it on!

Best Weather Forecast? - drbe
Metcheck works for me.

Best Weather Forecast? - Alanovich
Metcheck works for me.

Me too, usually.

I'm going to Madrid on Thursday so checked metcheck's forecast. It says 17 deg C, every day this and next week. Which sounds way too low for early July. The BBC predicts 35 deg C, which is much nearer to that which I expected.

How come two reputable organisations are so wildly different? It really looks like metcheck have not got this one right or even close.
Best Weather Forecast? - FotheringtonThomas
Metcheck, again.
Best Weather Forecast? - Martin Devon
Met office. Does it for me.

Moving Home - Mike 996
Morning all,
Moving home soon, old house has Sky for HD TV and Talktalk for wireless broadband and telephone. New house has a disconnected BT line and that?s it. Cable is not an option unfortunately so I?m stuck with Sky for HD TV. Should I stick with Sky and Talktalk, or Sky for everything, or Sky and BT Homehub, or Sky and Virgin (non-cable) or Sky and ??? Talktalk want £30 to transfer, BT are not charging for new connections (normally £122) as I?m a previous customer but are more expensive per month. (I?m also close to one their high-speed trial areas so maybe I could benefit from that). I?m sure there are lots of other combinations from other suppliers so any suggestions based on members? experiences would be very useful.

Moving Home - NorfolkDriver
I would consider SKY for everything. Have a look on their website for pricing

No, I aint with Sky for BB but only due to my present ISP giving me a better deal than most.

Moving Home - BB
I would go with Sky for it all as you get a much better deal. However, just ensure that sky can get you on the all inclusive package as sometimes they do not have enough lines available in your area and try and charge you £15 a month......
On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - Armitage Shanks {p}
Having watched the epic Murray match last night, I still noticed a lot of face wiping but, despite the prodigious physical efforts involved, I didn't hear much grunting! If it is OK for the person who is serving (usually a lady) to make these hideous squeals/screams/grunts etc is it against the rules (if there are any) for the person receiving serve to make a similar noise at the same moment? I have been reduced to watching with the sound off; this is to avoid the inane comments of Greg Thingy on the mens game and the unpleasant noises made by the women! The beer and snax still taste good though!
On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - Stuartli
It's the word Love in the scoring sequence that confuses the women..:-)
On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - NorfolkDriver

I believe it is up to the opponent to complain to the umpire, until this is done the umpire cannot do anything.

On receipt of a complaint the umpire then warns the player, if it carries on the umpire can award the match against them.

On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - maz64
On receipt of a complaint the umpire then warns the player

Presumably though the umpire has to decide whether the complaint is reasonable ie. whether the amount of grunting is unreasonable?

Edited by Focus {P} on 30/06/2009 at 17:02

On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - Armitage Shanks {p}
ND - thank you. I have Googled for the rules of tennis and was unable to cut&paste the section on "Grunting" but, as you say, an oppononet can make a complaint as indeed may a player on a neighbouring court who is affected by the noise. The complaint is made to the the Umpire, the Tournament referee or the Roving Umpire (whoever he/she is). An upheld complaint can lead to the awarding of a let or the loss of the point being played. Wow! That's really harsh! Focus 100+ decibels is too loud!

Edited by Armitage Shanks {p} on 30/06/2009 at 17:04

On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - maz64
An upheld complaint can lead to the awarding of a let

It's still down to someone to decide what's reasonable - I wonder how often this has been tested?
On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - ifithelps
Lottie Dodd won her first Wimbeldon at the age of 15 years in 1887.

She wore a long skirt and I bet she didn't grunt while winning any of her five titles.
On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - Armitage Shanks {p}
The sooner the better!
On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - Lud
RR and AS: were my wife ever to see that piece, and subsequently meet either of you, I promise you would learn how a quiet murmur and withering, stony look can freeze a man's liver where he stands... But perhaps you know already.
On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - Robin Reliant
I know that only too well Lud, fortunately Mrs RR is not computer literate.
On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - jbif
The sooner the better! >>

The dailymash story is based on this:
re Grunting at Wimbledon >>

Sharpova and Seles were bad, but the new talent, sorry players, now wail:
Michele Larcher de Brito www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-7WLIqa2M0
Victoria Azarenka www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5VLWiQptlU

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On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - 1400ted
With the technology available regarding line faults, etc, would it not be possible to develope a ' Gruntometer ' which would register on a gauge on the umpire's chair ?
A bit like a rev-counter. If a grunt put the needle into the red, a point could be deducted from the grunter's score........simple.

On-going discussion re Grunting at Wimbledon - Stuartli
As there are only a small number of tennis players emitting these annoying grunts, such technology would hardly be worthwhile introducing.

That's in direct contrast to the Hawkeye system when players challenge a call and which has proved invaluable on many occasions.

Andy Murray has proved, so far, to be the most successful challenger of what he believes to be incorrect calls - a tribute to his remarkable ability to know, more often than not, that a ball was "in" despite the pace of the shot or serve.
Moths - Martin Devon
Got a problem with Moths at home. Now there seems to be all manner of Moths, from the carpet variety (Yes) Clothes (Yes) and various others. Does any one have any experience of dealing with these little Blighters and would one product do for them all?

Best regards..........MD
Moths - perro
Try Citronella.
Moths - crunch_time
What if she's too busy?

Moths - Armitage Shanks {p}
Ask her friend salmonella
Moths - Martin Devon
Ruddy Sun's got to you lot!!!

Funny though. Made I *itter............Martin.
Moths - Stuartli
Don't you mean her two friends, Sam and Ella?
Moths - perro
>>> What if she's too busy? <<<

Then bug off!
Moths - jbif
all manner of Moths, from the carpet variety >>

It took me four years to finally rid them from my home. The final successful attempt involved fumigating the house:
1. lifting the carpet edges and spraying under liberally with moth killer spray,
2. emptying all wardrobes and spraying inside; while leaving the clothes out in the room to air,
3. spraying the whole house liberally with moth killer spray
4. leaving loads of mothballs all around the house
5. above procedure carried out just immediately before leaving on 2 weeks holiday.
6. came back to house stinking of chemicals, so left doors and windows open for a few hours.
7. moths eradicated for good.

Moths - Armitage Shanks {p}
jbif, thanks for your sensible comments vs mine while keeping cool with G&T and watching tennis! A sensible question for you re fumigation; didn't you worry a bit about any fumes affecting you and yours? I remember a sinister light brown waxy strip that lived in a plastic mesh box, called Vapona. It gave off fumes for 6 months in one's house and killed all flies. As the inhabitants were inhaling it, as well as the flies, and it isn 't sold any more I wonder if that was a good thing to have in one's house?
Moths - jbif
question for you re fumigation; didn't you worry a bit about any fumes affecting you and yours? >>

Asbestos, nuclear reactors, petrochemical plants, DDT, insecticides on crops, 3rd world countries with frightening diseases and preventative potent medicines, not to mention disintegrating turbine blades and a few other hazards - I have experienced them all, and one day one of them will probably impact on my health.

p.s. As I said, the fumigation was done while I was away on holdiay.

Edited by jbif on 01/07/2009 at 18:50

Moths - FotheringtonThomas
Cypermethrin (sold as "Protector C"). That'll do 'em.

Look for woolly bears along the edges of your carpets, especially where it's dark. Remove and squash (vacuuming is good to just remove them). The adult carpet beetle can be seen on windows (looks like an odd, small, round, yellow-brown ladybird with a pattern of "scales"). Clothes moths, swat 'em as soon as you see them, and look out for their cases. dangling from things (even the ceiling) - remove & destroy. Look very carefulli in your airing cupboard, or wardrobes. Remove stuff. Inspect. Replace. Spray the edges and corners of your carpets. Wage war!
Moths - Mapmaker
Vapona was utterly harmless, but was proved to cause cancer in rats if they ate vapona in huge quantities. The same is true if you feed rats with air with 22% oxygen in it instead of the normal 20%.

Since it was banned, moths have become a huge problem - they are endemic in London.

www.pestcontroldirect.com sell it in bulk. They also sell fumigation devices - clickon the Fortefog mini fumer and it takes you to a link to the fortefog pro. Definitely a thing to do as you leave to go on holiday (but beware the neighbours don't call the firebrigade).

Moth balls are a waste of time if you have moths. They deter adult moths, but do nothing for eggs and larvae already munching your best suit and favourite cashmere. They also STINK.

I am hoping for the best with Protector C in my wardrobes and drawers.
Moths - crunch_time
I am still suffering from the Mill Moths introduced into my house by the sloppiness of the birdseed supplier three years ago.

The sack of sunflower seed was infested with them and it took some time before I realised where they were coming from, Latest casualty is a rather nice goatskin rug which I've had to throw away.

The £10 'compensation' and replaced goods bear no relation to all the aggravation caused.

Moths - perro
Be careful if you use the neuro-toxin Cypermethrin - especially if there are bairns in the house ... Personally I'd try the o'natural route 1st.
Moths - gordonbennet
Somebody's got to say it.

Try airing the wallet more frequently..;)

Honestly i do have every sympathy...different pests here, just magpies and i've eradicated them completely, till the next batch move in.
Moths - Martin Devon
Try airing the wallet more frequently..;)

No Wallet here. Never carried one. The Tea leaves spot it and hey presto. Just carry the 'Wad' of both Fivers together!

I am working on the Magpies, but they seem very canny this year. May get a Larsen trap though.

Best reg's...........Martin.
Moths - Mapmaker
Beware killing magpies.

The basic principle is that it is illegal to kill magpies. Unless you have a reason to kill them, in which case it is permitted under general licence. Protecting game birds if you are a keeper is certainly a reason. Protecting garden birds is possibly a reason. This distinction has, SFAIK, not yet been tested in court, beware some busybody reporting you to the RSPCA and your becoming a test case.

Beware also, that if you are trying to trap magpies, and instead trap a crow, you have to release the crow. And vice versa.

Moths - FotheringtonThomas
I am working on the Magpies but they seem very canny this year. May get
a Larsen trap though.

That's what I want, but a) it's getting late this year, and b) where to get a bait bird (female)?
Moths - Mapmaker
I always found an egg (hen's) to be more effective than a decoy bird.

Once you have caught your first bird, then you have a decoy.

With decoy birds, the ideal is one that is from a different part of the county. The others will recognise its call as being "not local" and turn up to hound it out of town. That's when they get caught...

So, get friendly with a Larsen trap owner from somewhere else, and swap birds. Some decoys seem pretty happy living in a cage; others hate it and soon fade.
Moths - Martin Devon
So get friendly with a Larsen trap owner from somewhere else and swap birds. Some
decoys seem pretty happy living in a cage; others hate it and soon fade.

BUT you MUST provide fresh water for the 'Call' bird and visit the trap at least twice a day.

Moths - gordonbennet
Magpies...beautiful bird but unbelievably deadly to our songbirds.

I use a Larsen during the breeding period to help protect the songbirds, as said it's very effective if you have an out of area call bird, the rest of the year i use other methods.
And i do go out of my way to look after the captive, good food, cover, clean water etc, and my Larsen is full size...most important, some for sale are undersized and illegal.

If you have a magpie problem you'll be amazed just how many small birds (eggs and fledglings) they destroy.
It's now about 2 or 3 years since we declared war on them, when we started we had almost no songbirds left in our area, this year the trees in and around our garden are teeming including at least one pair of gtr spotted woodpecker, and many finches of all sorts, a true delight.

A thought MD...more songbirds may mean less moths.
Moths - Stuartli
Magpies are, indeed, beautiful birds. But as correctly pointed out they are, overall, a force for evil rather than good.
Moths - ifithelps
...Magpies are, indeed, beautiful birds. But as correctly pointed out they are, overall, a force for evil rather than good....

See a few magpies picking at road kill on the roads around the caravan in leafy North Yorkshire, but not many on site, so plenty of songbirds.

One bird I don't like is the moorhen.

Two reasons:

1) They jump up on my bird feeder and empty the seeds all over the place.

2) They occasionally jump on the CC3 and because they have boney feet like a chicken, they leave scratch marks. Grrr....
A question of tea....... - Hector Brocklebank
Following our recent discussion on how to make the best cup of tea, I found this....


It's IOM TT rider Guy Martin and while discussing his tea drinking addiction, he tells us that he puts the milk in first but then proceeds to make the tea in the cup as normal! Is this man mad? Has anyone actually tried this method?

I reckon this chap's great value though and I'd really like to see him win a TT, he's almost like a modern-day Fred Dibnah!
A question of tea....... - BorisTheSpider
Can't watch the video as im doing this over the phone. As an milk in first then tea-bag, then hot water? that would be crazy.
Or milk in, then tea from pot, would make a world of sense as the mass of milk as warms up slowly rather than cold milk hitting in hot water.
A question of tea....... - Statistical outlier
Years ago Douglas Adams wrote a wonderful piece on this for the H2G2 guide. I can't find that, but I have located this which is rather nice:

A question of tea....... - Dipstick
Can I just point the interested parties in the tea conversation to


Where the finer points of biscuits are also covered.
"James May at the Edge of Space" BBC2 10pm - maz64
For those that missed it on BBC3(4?) the other week. Includes him going up in a U2, and informal chats with ex-astronauts. IIRC starts off with him driving along the runway at speed as a U2 comes in to land overhead with the bloke who's job it is to help the U2 pilot touch down - not the easiest things to land apparently.

Finishes in time to allow a cup of cocoa before "The World's Fastest Indian" on BBC1 at 10:45, recommended in another thread (and I would second that).
"James May at the Edge of Space" BBC2 10pm - rtj70
The James May programme is also on BBC iPlayer and therefore also available via say Virgin Media as catch up TV too.
"James May at the Edge of Space" BBC2 10pm - David Horn
Do you think it's just a case of sending a really polite letter to the US Air Force?

Or is it a case of "Dear Jimmy. I would like for you to make it possible for me..."
'Crocs' shoes - Martin Devon
Has anybody tried these things. I have heard some reports, but would welcome first hand (or foot) info'

'Crocs' shoes - daveyjp
My three year old daughter loves hers, but she has very small feet and unlike adult versions don't look like barges!

What we can't understand is she was a size 4 when she was given them, she's now a size 6.5, the Crocs are size 5 but they still fit. The advantage of the holes is you can see the toes and her feet aren't being crushed.

We like them because they are virtually indestructible. She wears them at nursery, wore them in the beach on holiday, gets them wet but they won't die!
'Crocs' shoes - Alby Back
Let me put it this way. Sometimes the fashion industry plays very successful practical jokes.

Shell suits, white socks, leggings, mullets, winklepickers........

Destroy them before it's too late. They may appear on photographs which could be shown to future generations. Is this how you would have them remember you or those in your care ?

'Crocs' shoes - 1400ted
Oh, Humph...tell my wifey. She thinks they're great. I think she looks like Daffy Duck ! I can't say anything though, a clip round the ear hurts when you are older !

I just thank the good lord she hasn't got yellow ones.
It's almost on a par with wearing a suit and trainers......or deck shoes.


Edited by 1400ted on 03/07/2009 at 23:30

'Crocs' shoes - Alby Back
That is indeed the trouble. As with so many of these things, otherwise intelligent and tasteful people can sometimes be caught in the wave.

I categorise the appalling things along with 3/4 length trousers teamed with football jerseys and trainers, accessorised by a beer gut, shaven head and tattoos. Mmmmm nice....

They must have mirrors surely ? How could anyone see their own feet in such things and think "Hey, lookin' good today...." ?

Edited by Humph Backbridge on 03/07/2009 at 23:38

'Crocs' shoes - bathtub tom
Brown brogues, black socks and shorts today.

Why not?
'Crocs' shoes - Martin Devon
I categorise the appalling things along with 3/4 length trousers teamed with football jerseys and trainers accessorised by a beer gut shaven head and tattoos. Mmmmm nice....

Don't forget the Staffie with spiked collar and chrome lead!!

'Crocs' shoes - Armitage Shanks {p}
Don't forget the very chunky Argos "Gold" chain(s)!!!!
'Crocs' shoes - Martin Devon
Let me put it this way. Sometimes the fashion industry plays very successful practical jokes. Shell suits white socks leggings mullets winklepickers........

Morning Humph. Bear with me. I am actually with you ALL of the way. ALL ALL ALL. I have been known to carry a spare pair of socks, generally Navy and offer them with a grin to any sad *od who deigns to wear the white variety with a dark suit. You geddit so far? The Ayatollah Athomei says that one day I am going to get a slap, but I ain't stopping my fun for anybody. Now to the footwear. Churches Brogues or Crockett and Jones and that is it apart from work boots. Now problem. This weather, when wearing shorts, proper shorts not 3/4 things with 39.5 pockets and a baggy *rse I wish to wear sandals cos the Brogues just don't seem right you know and some (all) folk give moi strange looks. Now the real problem.....oh! boy. If my plates aren't covered in Leather they stink. No they don't. There isn't a word that describes it to be honest. 30 degs in leather and my feet smell of leather. 20 degs in any thing else and phewy, even open leather sandals with man made soles and they need to go in the bin, so that is why I enquired of the Crocs. I realise that sartorial elegance won't be on the menu, but.......................see my prob'. Only asked after all. And I thought I was a Bully!!!! LOL

Best reg's as ever.................Martin D
'Crocs' shoes - Pugugly
Don't do it. They are simply evolved Plasti shoes which Woolies sold in the 60s - and perfect accessories to go with your blue framed NHS specs. There is an article in that usually sanest and most gentle of motor cycle magazines Motor Cycle Sport this month of what is appears to be an otherwise perfectly respectable older chap testing a Honda CB125F - how does he look in these luminous lumpen latter day melted clog ? - A fool !

I have to confess to having a pair of Croc branded moccasin which I refer to as "Man Crocs" but I would never wear them in this country.
'Crocs' shoes - oilrag
Taken a few minutes ago


I bought these for the last trip out to the tropics and wear them with dark brown socks usually due to fear of those GIANT oriental cockroaches.

Is that OK Humph?

Incidentally the staff of the shoe shop went through a little routine as I bought them - along the lines of (one girl to the other) "Oh, is that a tiny spot of grease?" (other girl looks at shoe, then comments) " No, it came off - but if you use product X it seals the leather from marking"

Me, " Never mind, I will just toss em in the bin and buy more if they stain"

Shocked look and product X is put back on the counter to the look of £5 lost commission.

The overall `tone` was that maybe I would never again see £40 again for a pair of shoes and had better protect them.. but then, I do tend to dress down.

'Crocs' shoes - Martin Devon
Taken a few minutes ago

Yes yes Oily Sir, but I guess being material they'll still stink after a short while.

'Crocs' shoes - deepwith
Martin, would all-leather flipflops fit the bill? Lots of nice ones around this year for you chaps.

The other alternative would be to splash out on some proper deck shoes, which are all leather right down to the laces apart from the non-slip sole. They are made from one piece of leather with similar construction to mocassins. These are expensive, can be worn without socks, look very good with shorts or trousers and last for ever, despite being doused in salt water from time to time.

Crocs were originally designed for 'boat' wear - for which use I can see them being fit for purpose. Don't hold the wet, very lightweight, won't damage the varnish, non-slip, don't leave the tan-line one gets with sailing/dinghy boots. Mind you, useless if you are hiking out ;-) Funny thing is that with 180 youngsters learning to sail each week, and adult helpers too, I have only seen one pair of crocs being worn to date - and they were his mum's, as he had forgotten his daps.

So, to sum up, they are light, well ventilated and very cheap if you don't go for actual crocs. Can be bought in sludge colours if you look around (on ebay apart from anywhere else) and I am told, very comfortable. ..... and my other half would be on his own if he bought them ;-)

Edited by deepwith on 04/07/2009 at 10:23

'Crocs' shoes - Alby Back
OK , after the leg pulling, some practical advice. The main thing in hot weather is to try to change your shoes at least twice a day but in any event try at all costs not to wear the same item of footwear on consecutive days. Try to choose leather linings but beware of pigskin. It can make your feet smell. Pigskin has a a sort of pepperpot appearance to the hair follicles.

As Deepwith suggests, a good pair of deck shoes look the part and are very durable. For less rugged purposes consider a lightweight loafer. Sandals will of course be the coolest but do watch out for synthetic linings, these will cook your feet.

The Northampton brands you mention can indeed be a joy to wear in the right circumstances but for hot weather look to brands from hot climates. Italy in particular produces some very pleasing products fit for this purpose.

A thought to leave you with. Could you imagine Bond chatting up his latest bikini babe while wearing Crocs ? No, thought not......


Edited by Humph Backbridge on 04/07/2009 at 11:07

'Crocs' shoes - Martin Devon
A thought to leave you with. Could you imagine Bond chatting up his latest bikini
babe while wearing Crocs ? No thought not......

Humph, get a grip man. If he was a real 'Bond' then he would have shed his shoes by this point and be focused (motoring link) on getting the deal done.

Anyway I have been out to town and purchased shoes. NO. Not Crocs or Alligators or anything that may bite. Probably something that will end up stinking though. Watch or sniff this space!!

The Northampton brands you mention can indeed be a joy to wear in the right circumstances but for hot weather look to brands from hot climates. Italy in particular produces some very pleasing products fit for this purpose.

My Churches shoes never fail to please in any climate.

Now off to have a beer and prepare the line caught Bass for tonight's dinner. Nah!!

Cheers all...........................MD.
'Crocs' shoes - Lud
Could you imagine Bond chatting up his latest bikini babe while wearing Crocs ?

Yes, easily. The fellow in all versions is an absolute stinker.
'Crocs' shoes - Pugugly
OK convinced - does one wear socks or not ? I notice that Oilrag does in his photo.


A woman's perspective ?

Edited by Pugugly on 05/07/2009 at 12:58

'Crocs' shoes - L'escargot
Church ........ or Crockett and Jones ..........

Clearly a man of taste. Alfred Sargent shoes are good as well.
Do you remember the time when the mark of a true gentleman was that the soles of his shoes would be polished as much as the uppers?
'Crocs' shoes - Lud
the mark of a true gentleman was that the soles of his shoes would be polished as much as the uppers?

Not at all, do you mean, Gastropod? Or was the mark of a true gentleman that he left skidmarks on the Audubon?

I wouldn't know myself, never having met one. 'Every man past the age of thirty is a blackguard.'
'Crocs' shoes - Martin Devon
Church or Crockett and Jones. Clearly a man of taste. Alfred Sargent shoes are good as well.
Do you remember the time when the mark of a true gentleman was that the
soles of his shoes would be polished as much as the uppers?

I have to confess that I have polished the soles when I choose to go dancing, usually on board ship. Only 'Popular' stuff, never Ballroom, haven't got the Trousers for it.

Port Out Starboard Home!!

'Crocs' shoes - 1400ted

Just had a day out with some friends who are caravanning in Wharfedale......MY pal, who I go biking with is a 65 yr old retired professional English gentleman. What did he have on his feet when we got there and what did he walk round Skipton all day in ???

PINK Crocs
no socks.
I'll stick to me Clarkes or Cables ( now 19 yrs owned )

Yours , mortified

Push-button toilet cisterns - L'escargot
How do push-button toilet cisterns work? I assume they don't have a siphonic action.
Push-button toilet cisterns - Armitage Shanks {p}
Just a different link to the siphon mechanism, I think.
Push-button toilet cisterns - 1400ted

AS is right, we have such a system....works with a sort of Bowden cable instead of mechanical linkage.

Push-button toilet cisterns - pmh2
Some havea siphon, some don't!

My favorite conversion kit consists of a 'large' rubber flap valve . The only danger is that its failure mode is to leak water to the pan rather than not work (ie cf when the diaphragm splits). Maybe not best installed in a second home when you are absent some of the time, do not turn the water off, and have a water meter.


Body fat bathroom scales - nick
Can these scales really do as advertised? I'm a little sceptical as to how accurate they could be.


The theory looks convincing but how could they differentiate between total body fat and visceral fat?

Any thoughts?

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Weighing more at night - David Horn
One for Number Cruncher, I think. :-)

Someone told me in a pub that due to the influence of the sun, we weigh about 100g more at night than we do during the day. I laughed this off but the idea stuck with me, so I decided to work it out to see what the result actually is.

Using Newton's theory of gravitation and details about the sun's mass and earth's radius of orbit from Google, and then doubling the result*, I was surprised to get an answer of pretty much spot on 100g.

This doesn't seem right to me. Any chance you could offer an opinion?



* Basic assumption that I'm standing on the equator for this, but it's still significant even at our latitude.
Weighing more at night - Number_Cruncher
>>we weigh about 100g more at night than we do during the day

It's the right order of magnitude, and so, at first sight, I tend to agree with it.

Weighing more at night - Martin Devon
>>we weigh about 100g more at night than we do during the day
It's the right order of magnitude and so at first sight I tend to agree
with it.

Thank heavens for that, Phew. I thought it might be down to the consumption of Hobgoblin and rare roast beef etc.

Weighing more at night - jbif
I was surprised to get an answer of pretty much spot on 100g. >>

David Horn:
How about showing us your workings?
BTW, there are a number of posts on t'internet about this 100g weight gain calculation.

Weighing more at night - Number_Cruncher
To arrive at my estimate, I just plugged the mass of an average bod into

F = G m1 m2 / r^2

using the mass and radius of the Sun, and then divided by g to give a mass, and then doubled the answer to obtain the total range from the Sun being beneath one's feet to being directly overhead.

Any recommended conference venues? - pete&hisgolf
I'm looking for a good residential conference venue in the North West, Yorkshire or West Midlands. Somewhere not too flash that gets things right. Big enough for 30 people.

Any recommendations?
Any recommended conference venues? - Armitage Shanks {p}
Google is your friend. Too many answers thought! have a look at
This is an idea not a recommendation BTW! Maybe pick a location and then contact Tourist Info or Chamber of Commerce there?

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Any recommended conference venues? - pete&hisgolf
Thanks AS - I've been busy googling, however I'm looking for a personal recommendation - somewhere that a backroomer has been and been impressed by. Thanks for the Tourist info/CoC suggestion - I hadn't thought of that.

I'd be interested to hear any personal recommendations still....

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Any recommended conference venues? - Stuartli
It's quite a while since I stayed at this venue, but it was always a decent outlet:

Any recommended conference venues? - bell boy
you dont say your needs though
wife has to set these up at work and everyone has a different angle from tea was cold to the powerpoint couldnt be seen from the back
so you cant please all the people she says
she recommends this though

dont ask me im just the messenger,i no nowt about it
Any recommended conference venues? - pete&hisgolf
Thanks Stuartli and bell boy - that is exactly the kind of thing I was after.

BB - I know what your wife means about trying to please everyone.

Thanks again.