09 1.2 ABS Warning Light - aaflyer
Advice needed.

The car is barely 6 months old, but in the past 2 months the ABS warning light has come on 3 times, most recently today. In all 3 instances, it has been a case of the light not going out after the car has been started. To solve it, I have to pull over, turn the engine off and back on again, drive a few metres and out it goes.

Before I take it back to the dealer, any suggestions as to what might be causing this annoying fault. A faulty sensor, perhaps? Whatever way, it's not what I expected from Hyundai!


09 1.2 ABS Warning Light - Javalin
if the ABS warning light is coming on then there is a problem with the ABS system - you need to go to a garage and get the fault codes read.

>A faulty sensor, perhaps?