00 1.6 smokey when warm - lee123
does any body know why my corsa 1.6 sport (x16xe) is developing a smokey habbit, ive recently had every single gasket changed i mean evry one, ive recently changed the valve stem oil seels but stil no look, its fine when its cold but after say 20 minutes when it gets slightly warm its booting out grey/blue smoke also when it wars up it idels up 2500 rpm and will some times drops to around 500 rpm its a problem that is anoying me, can any one help.

00 1.6 smokey when warm - Dynamic Dave
What grade oil are you using?

Are you using the recommended 10W/40 semi synth?
00 1.6 smokey when warm - piston power
Have you done a compression test?

Are the breathers clean?
00 1.6 smokey when warm - lee123
10 w 40 oil,,, im not sure about the breathers i may of put the stems in rong