1998 3.3l v6 auto - Cruise Control - linn
Had a problem with my cruise control, to start with nothing working, no "cruise" light showing etc. then airback light came on and stayed on. Forums indicated this to be a clockspring fault which local chrysler dealer replaced under lifetime recall. Now "cruise" light comes on when button pressed then fades away after a few seconds, unable to set speed . Going to try replacing the brake switch but if that doesnt work any other suggestions.

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1998 3.3l v6 auto - Cruise Control - Peter D
There should also be a signal from the auto box when in drive. Regards Peter
1998 3.3l v6 auto - Cruise Control - MerlinTec
unlikely the brake light switch. First I would look for an air leak on the vacuum lines. Is it only after you try and set the speed that the light goes out or will it do it when it is standing still?