Taxing a car without a vehicle identity check - lagoon
hi does any one know if i am able to still tax my car with out having a vic check done ? i have got tax and insurance on it already. please help ? Thanks !

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VIC check - Armitage Shanks {p} If you have got tax on it already why do you want to tax it?

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VIC check - lagoon
the tax will run out soon i have insurance and mot on it but not sure if i have to have the vic before i can tax it again ?

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VIC check - Armitage Shanks {p}
In allocating a registration mark to a rebuilt vehicle, the Agency?s main interest is to establish whether or not the vehicle is newly constructed with no previously registered identity (in its present form). Vehicles which have been substantially rebuilt need to be examined by one of the DVLA local offices. N.B. a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) will apply to those vehicles notified to the DVLA as being written off on or after 7 April 2003. For information please refer to INF133 available from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). Information is also available from
Any vehicle, which has failed a VIC, will not be entitled to retain its original registration mark. A DVLA local office will allocate a ?Q? registration mark and an Enhanced Single Vehicle Approval certificate (ESVA) or a Single Vehicle Approval certificate (SVA) will be needed.
If however, a VIC application is rejected by VOSA, the DVLA local office will need to inspect the vehicle and any changes will be assessed in line with DVLA?s rebuild guidelines.

Does any of this apply to your vehicle?Why do you think it might need a VIC?
VIC check - lagoon
my car was broken into and the car door was bent out of shape. with the car being so old the insurance company wrote if off rather than paying for it to be mended. since then the door has beeen bent back so it works although still slightly bent and the car has since passed its mot. It was just that i have got married and change my addresses so wanted a new log book. After sending off for one i was told that i needed an vic b4 they would issue one. i just wanted to know if i had to have the vic done to be able to renew the tax ?
VIC check - redviper
To Tax a car all you need is

1. A Valid Insurance Cert.
2. A Valid MOT Cert.
3. The money to pay for it.

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VIC check - bell boy
is car registered in your name lagoon?
you may get away with it if it is
however theoretically it should be marked as untaxable until you have given it a vic ,
its quite quick lately if you fill in the online form (dont do it on opera though as it doesnt work)
VIC check - lagoon
yes my maddien name and old address but when i phoned up dvla they had changed that just not issued the new log book.
VIC check - bell boy
they wont issue you a log book till vic done
you need to apply for the log book on the new type v5c indicating vehicle has had the vic check done so you dont have to pay the 25 fee
as i say you can apply for a vic online at
and pay the 41 pound fee when they ring you with a test date
are your insurance company aware you havent done the vic? i would be inclined to assume you arent insured if its not
also if you dont get the log bok and tax sorted and continue driving then you will be automatically fined for not changing name and address details and also running an untaxed car
your insurer has basically told dvla you are still in control of this vehicle so be careful,sort it today
VIC check - bell boy
ignore my link above,thats to print it
look here to go online direct to vosa