96 1.9td engine removal - juiceybhoy
hi doing a engine swap does anyone done one before what i really need to know whats the best way to take it out ?out from the top or drop it out with subframe etc.any ideas would be welcome thanks in advance

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96 19td engine removal - bell boy
i looked at one last week and concluded it needed to go on a ramp as it looks a right job to do a clutch never mind an engine swap
96 19td engine removal - injection doc
Drop the whole lot out the bottom in one go including subframe. Word of warning! the carp design that attach the hoses to the rad! replace with new hoses at whatever the cost! once they have been disturbed they blow off when you least expect it!
its not too bad a job but heavey & time consuming. Do a clutch while its all apart.
Take car replacing off side drive shaft into g/box housing as there is a plastic speedo drive that fractures really easy