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In particular, when pushing back the brake piston.
In recent years I have adopted a technique, particularly with cars equipped with ABS, that prevents flow of hyrdaulic fluid back up the hydraulic system, as I'm led to believe this can damage the ABS.
It's simple really, I put a hose clamp on the flexi, open the bleed valve then push back the piston.
The reason I ask is that I have suggested this simple procedure on another forum dedicated to Fiats and have had an avalanche of replies suggesting it's not necessary.
What's the expert opinion on this site?

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08 1.3 What's Your Technique When Replacing Brake - Peter D
Some good reasons for doing it this way are : you expel the junk that is in the cylinder rather than force it back into the system, on some cars the ABS unit can be damaged, which on others you need the ABS unit powered up in sevice mode to be able to change the fluid, and of couse it exercises the bleed nipple to avoid thread seizure. Regards Peter
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I wedge the brake pedal down with a cricket bat - adjust the driver's seat to suit. This is quicker than clamping a hose and does not cause damage.

It's a very bad idea to allow any form of contaminated fluid to flow into an ABS unit. By keeping the general flow of fluid in the system "outwards", cleaner fluid with a higher boiling point is kept where it is needed - in the calipers. The point about keeping the bleed screws free is also very valid - I wrap a small amount of PTFE tape around bleed screws fitted to iron calipers.