Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - cuthbert
I have been looking for an Automatic Diesel and test drove a S-max 2-0 140 bhp Titanium which I liked and I am very tempted to order one what are your opinions on Ford cars and there dealers and what is your experience of the S-max

Any help would be appreciated

Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - injection doc
i have a pal of mine who is very critical of cars but loves his diesel auto s max. He has great praise for the Ford dealership he uses as well.I think he was saying he gets 40+ mpg which for an auto is good. Most autos compliment a diesel these days & drive much better than a manual.
I have to say my own experience has been good with Ford dealerships , in fact whilst not perfect I have to say i have more confidence with their diagnostic system now than most dealers. My brother had an intermttant fault with his ford & the dealer linked it to their network diagnostic system & a new loom was recommended & it sure fixed the fault.
Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - Auristocrat
In the JD Power survey 2009 (What Car July 2009), the S Max came 12th out of 15 in the MPV category (92nd overall) with the Galaxy coming 15th (99th overall). Readers reported awful dealer service, poor visibility and worrying exterior quality. Owners were positive about its engine, gearbox, driveability and external styling. The Galaxy came out worse due to poor reliability (mainly the interior - seat , audio and sat nav problems). Bodywork issues and exterior electric also a serious concern.
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso came 1st with the Citroen Xsara Picasso and Seat Altea/XL coming equal 2nd.
Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - a900ss
I had an S-Max for just under 18 months and covered 55k miles in it.

Car was fantastic, handled well, HUGE inside, loaded with gadgets (I had a Titanium X), economical (easily over 40MPG), comfortable. In summary, it is the perfect family car without looking too frumpy and you will not get a german car of this size anywhere near the price Ford charge.

Service from Ford dealers were nowhere near as good as the usual german dealers I use BUT they don't charge the german prices. Short service intervals, 12500 miles. Front heated windscreen needed to be replaced as faulty (very common). Heavy on tyres (I had 18's on mine and fronts would last about 14-15k motorway miles). Although it felt reasonably built, it didn't feel well built. Having said that, nothing went wrong (except windscreen) in 55k miles.

I'd certainly have another if I needed a large car. Recommended.
Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - DP
A BMW Z4M owning friend of mine (and excellent driver) has taken a manual 2.0 TDCi round the Norsdschleife and reckoned it did brilliantly. Apart from the front brake pads catching fire 2/3 of the way around the lap. ;-)

I drove a 1.8TDCi last year, and there is no other MPV that even gets close as a driving experience IMHO. Taut, balanced, safe and fun.
Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - boxsterboy
I was interested in one of these recently. Two things put me off:

1. No spare wheel.
2. Poor reliability and dealer reports, not just JD Power, but reader reviews on the What Car site.

I didn't get as far as a test drive.
Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - cuthbert
Thanks for all the comments

No spare wheel I think that is going to be the case more and more common to save weight on the car to make it more fuel efficient and to save costs for the manufacturer !!

There are some good deals about on the S-max at the moment but there is a price increase on the 1st July

I may wait for the new customer offers which will begin in July for the next promotion period also see if the new Verso diesel Automatic appears soon !! I would look at the VW Touran but it looks a bit van like to me although the DSG gearbox is good

Once again thanks
Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - HoveST
Not sure any of the MPV's have a spare wheel do they?
Ford S-Max diesel automatic Yes or No - john96
As long as it has the space in the vehicle for a spare, why not go to a scrappy and buy the wheel of your choice??