99 1.8 Problems - clewsy01
Hi all for the past 6 months i have owned my focus and done lots of work to it as i have a high rev when the car comes to stop at lights, junctions and my drive. Ihave done the following

New speed sensor
New timing belt
New Idle Control Valve
New Clutch (full kit inlcuding bearing)
New Front discs and pads
New Drums and rear Brakes
New Rear Wheel Bearings
New Starter Motor
Comlete wash out and fresh anti freeze solution
Oil change with genuine ford oil

and the problem still persists. have i missed something, should i be looking at getting at ecu reprogrammed, should i look at the battery as it is a lead battery and it should be calcium? any advise greatly sought, i am determined to get it soughted. Thye only thing is when i unplug the speed sensor it doesnt do it?. should i change it again or could ther be a short circuit somewhere?