02 2.0 anti-polution - frog48
anyone tell me why anti-polution warning started coming up, 02 plate,auto 110bhp 76,000 miles
02 2.0 anti-polution - Armitage Shanks {p}
Petrol or diesel engine? If diesel, does it have a particulate filter? Is it just the light or have you lost performance as well? More info needed!
02 2.0 anti-polution - chomleyhaines
ive just had the same fault on my 2.2 hdi it was a blocked paticulate filter you can remove the cat from thre car and slip it and then use compressed air to blow out all the soot but wear a mask or better still use a sand blashing cabinet as i did because its nasty stuff "toxic" you may also have to top up refill your eiloys fluid as this solution assists the burn of particles in the exhaust again not a hard job but be carefull againthe fluid is toxic you can obtain a refill kit and fluid from you nearest dealer £75 plus vat if you need any more imfo let me know ..