05 1.6 Interior Door Trim Removal - Fullchat
I have to replace the door check strap on the drivers door. To do this I will have to remove the interior door trim.
I have had a look and there are no obvious securing screws or fasteners. I have put a wide blade behind and pulled but am loathe to put any further force until I really know what I am doing.
So how is the interior door trim removed?
05 1.6 Interior Door Trim Removal - Fullchat
Well as a result of all the replies I managed to get the trim off :-S

The trim under the elbow rest pulls off revealing two bolts (10mm). Disconnect wiring to the switches. The trim panel needs a sharp pull forwards starting with a wide blade in the bottom right corner. Hey Presto!

The biggest pain is the door mirror cover which could do to come off before the trim but has a securing screw (as well as other fastenings) which cannot be accessed until the trim is off. So manouvering the door trim back into position is a bit awkward.

The plastic fastenings from the trim to the door are different in that when the trim is positioned and is banged the center of the fastener moves downwards inside the fastener locking it in place. As the trim is pulled backwards the fastener unlocks and the releases from its mounting hole.
05 1.6 Interior Door Trim Removal - damadgeruk
Thanks for that, likely to be needing that info soon as my deadlocking isn't working. I am assuming I have deadlocking as both my previous Focuses had it. Anyone know if a 2006 1.6TDCi Studio was supplied with deadlocks?