Seven Seater Advice - NigelFN
Hi there, I am looking for a bit of advice.

I am starting to look for a newer car, to replace an old six seater Honda Shuttle. Looking to spend £5K, but may be able to vary this a bit.

I'm looking for something with seven seats that is reliable, comfortable (6 foot 3 and very fussy about driving high-up with my legs clear of the steering wheel). Never been much fussed on Galaxy type, and currently have an 05 Zafira (which is great, but I need something a bit wider).

So far, my findings are taking me towards an older Toyota Previa (newer shape), C8 / Peugeot 807 or possibly the Mitsubishi Grandis.

Any suggestions / comments? Many thanks, Nigel.
Seven Seater Advice - Brian Tryzers
The Grandis is the only one of those I have any experience of, and I'm not sure it is any wider - for practical purposes at least than a Zafira. If I infer correctly that you're after something wide enough to offer three individual seats in the second row, then a Grandis will be a disappointment. On the other hand, it is a very comfortable four-seater - provided it doesn't have the spanners-in-a-washing-machine VW diesel engine - and, if you get one without a sunroof, has room for a tall driver. (I'm 6'5", so I notice these things too.)

Others will be along later to tell you about the 807. Incidentally, I'm confused by your mention of the Shuttle and the Zafira. Do you have both? Are you keeping one?
Seven Seater Advice - NigelFN
Hi Will,

Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the confusion.

We currently have a Honda Shuttle and a Zafira. I am looking to replace the Honda Shuttle.

Many thanks, Nigel.
Seven Seater Advice - gmac
If you're looking at Citroën C8/Peug 807 any reason you have omitted the FIAT Ulysse. The same car underneath similar idea to Sharan, Galaxy and Alhambra.
Seven Seater Advice - barneybear
I had two Zaffy's one after the other and really rate them. When we wanted something bigger we drove all the different versions and settled on the Grand Espace 2.2 CDi. Its been so good we are hoping to get another shortly (had placed an order, but cash flow meant cancelling it for now).
The flexibility of seats, load space and kit is far better than Zaffy. I recently test drove a new Merc C class and the Espace was more comfortable. We have driven all the way from Durham to Portsmouth and then to France and not an ache in legs or back.
The turbo blew at 30000miles, but replaced under warrenty and dealer replaced worn brakes free of labour as compensation - what can you say. Nothing else gone wrong, now 40000m and 3.5 years old.
35mpg round town, 41 on M-way run fully laden.
Seats are heavy, but if you can put them in a garage you have a temporay trannyvan too.
Make me a good offer and its yours so I can go and buy another one....
Seven Seater Advice - NigelFN
Hi Barney,

Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention that I need to have an automatic.
If your Espace comes "fully equiped" with just the two pedals then I may well be interested! Please send me a separate message if so.

Many thanks, Nigel.
Seven Seater Advice - Happy Blue!
Hyundai Trajet. Five year warranty, auto in both petrol and diesel. Should find them at less than 18 months old. Many will be available at sub £5,000 (obviously a bit older than 18 months).
Seven Seater Advice - NigelFN
Thanks Espada - that's an interesting one!

It is me, or is this a newer version of the Honda Shuttle? Looks like they've used the same moulds but re-done the seats!
Seven Seater Advice - NigelFN
I've been to have a good look at an Espace now, looks very promising.

Any advice on model, specific things to watch for? Same goes for the 807 / C8 etc. - nobody has offered any advice there yet!

Many thanks again, Nigel.
Seven Seater Advice - Avant
Renault had a major quality problem, particularly with diesels, between about 2000 and 2004. If you can get an Espace younger that that for £5,000 (I've no idea whether you can, but a quick look on Autotrader will tell you), you will have a better chance of getting a good one.

The Hyundai Trajet mentioned by Espada could be a better, and newer, bet.

If you haven't already, have a look at HJ's car-by-car breakdowns on this site for information on individual models.

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Seven Seater Advice - Happy Blue!
Frankly there are enough horror stories of diesel Espaces going wrong to make me avoid being driven in one, let alone own one.

Trajet is much more reliable.
Seven Seater Advice - barneybear
sorry, but mine is 6 speed manual. Whilst others appear to ahve had the odd problem, mine and a friends Espace have been great. I think it might be a case of "lots sold, so there will be some bigger numnbers with problem", but not necessarily as a percentage.

AS with any 7-seater, look for signs of abuse as kids don't care, and can be used to carry odd/messy loads frequently.

Good luck
Seven Seater Advice - eevie
I know you said you aren't keen, but we've owned a Galaxy for 5 yrs now and its been great. The main priotity was comfort for 5 with the extra room for 7 when needed eg friends, granparents. We've been to France a few times and the full sized seats for each passenger are great. Quite a bit of the time one person sits in the rear and 2 in the middle with the middle seat folded. We spen ages looking for the right car and discounted most of the others; the zafira back seats way too unconmfortable and the shuttle had a weird bump on the centre middle seat. We are just about growing out of the galaxy now as our eldest 2 are at uni so the times when we are all out together a few and far between. Just picked up eldest from uni today with all of her belongings; fit in no problem.