99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - buggy
omegea gearbox changing down gears at low speeds(around 15-20 mph) and not going into 5 gear engine running very hot over 50moh,
also i have noticed that petrol consumption has gone up.
can anyone help what to do
have taken it to a couple of garages but they havent the tec to deal with

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99 2498 v6 auto gearbox problems - track
Check the kickdown isnt stuck 'engaged' as this will have a dramatic effect on shifting pattern and consumption. Does it have overdrive as this may be switched on causing a similar scenario. The engine running hot could just be as it is revving higher or could just be coincidence due to current season.
99 2498 v6 auto gearbox problems - injection doc
Overheating or running hot will beiether fans or & most likley the radiator. I have changed hundreds of these on V6 models for running hot .
Flushing does not work on these.
Auto box, check for perished vacum pipes around manifold!
99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - buggy
also had message (gearbox check) on computer but goes away when you turn off ignition
my model also has overdrive iam afraid im a bit of a donkey when it comes to mechanics so go easy.
thanks for the advise
99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - Hamsafar
Yes, I agree these radiators do block up and replacing is the only option.
When the engine is hot feel the radiator all over, the bottom half is luke warm or cold if it is blocked. You would have to remove the fan and shroud to do this unless you can slither you hand in the gaps between the fan blades (when not running LOL)

The autobox GM4L40E will probably have a fault code stored if you have the error message.
I don't think this autobox has any vacuum connections or a switchable overdrive (4th is overdrive). When was the autobox last serviced (filter & fluid) It could just be a faulty solenoid valve or leaking internal seal, as theya re common problems on these..
99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - buggy
new problem today
when in third gear, gearbox seems to slip revs go right up until you take your foot of gas then re ingages
any idears guys
99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - Hamsafar
Blown seal inside, so low line pressure?
99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - topbloke
or the band needs adjusting and a new screen (filter) but it may be to late for that , but its where i would start,Regards TB
99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - injection doc
oil level is checked withdeaker tool but can be checked approx by laeving idling when hot & taking level bung out. If no oil runs out needs topping up!. I suspect its too late & games over. S/hand box normally good option on one of these.
99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - topbloke
level checking done with dealer tool !, no, all the dealer tool will do will tell you the tempreture of the oil, when its reached its set temp you turn engine off and remove sump bung so that the excess oil is removed, you put in a set amount cold to start, run up to temp then remove excess, deppends what the oil smells like when its removed if it's burnt then likely its to late, Regards TB
99 2.5 V6 auto gearbox problems - buggy
cheers guys for all the advice i have found a second hand gearbox (just in case) for £350 delivered does this sound right