09 2.0d Non standard alloy wheels? - dieselweasel
Being a cheapskate, I've bought the T2 model with steel wheels. As I don't like/don't want to pay main dealer prices for alloys, I've had a look on the internet.

Being a new model, not many sites offer wheels to fit, but i've seen some from a Toyota Auris - the Snowflake design - that seem nice.

All the relevant sizes correspond (PCD, diameter etc) EXCEPT the offset.The wheels i've seen have an offset of 45, but Toyota technical helpline says the car has an offset of 39mm.

Now - is this 6mm difference crucial ? Will it affect the handling/warranty of the car ?
Will there be clearance (i think there should be), and will the original nuts fit, if there is 6mm less thread ?

Bore is 60.1 on both wheels, so I presume I'll lose 6mm of thread, and I think it may be significant.

Your thoughts please !!

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09 2.0d Non standard alloy wheels? - Simon
The offset is the difference between the mating face of the wheel and the theoretical
centreline that goes through the wheel, so it just means that each wheel will either sit 6mm further out than they should or sit 6mm further in than they should, depending on which way round the figures are.

There should be no issue with studs and the threads, it should make no difference to that. Likewise a 6mm difference in the offset will hardly be noticable and I can't imagine you will have any clearance problems.

But if you have bought a brand new vehicle is it really worth skimping on the alloy wheels which you want to now put on it? If it was me I would want a set of wheels of the correct proportions just so everything is right. I am sure Toyota have spent thousands of pounds developing the vehicle and working out that wheels with a 39mm offset give the best performance and handling from the suspension system. Why ignore it?

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09 2.od Non standard alloy wheels? - track
You wont lose thread length just fitting the wheels. By having a larger offset you take the wheels inwards so you need to consider caliper clearance and tyre clearance against the strut etc. An easy and cheap solution would be 5mm spacers. These are readily available and cheap. Also a spacer that size shouldnt give any issues with thread coverage. You do need to check that the wheel studs/nuts that are in use with the steel wheels are good for use with the new wheels else you will need a set of these also.
09 2.od Non standard alloy wheels? - dieselweasel
All good points........I reallty don't like the three designs on offer from Toyota, and at £600 for four they're very expensive. The toyota auris wheels are for sale at £250..... I know, i know !!

09 2.od Non standard alloy wheels? - gordonbennet

Have you obtained details of the genuine Verso alloys to compare, i'd have thought offsets could be different for steel and alloy wheels.

09 2.od Non standard alloy wheels? - dieselweasel
Toyota tell me the offset is 39mm for both steel and alloy wheels on the 2009 verso