Exceptions to oil burners - William James

As a mechanically challenged person I enjoy this forum.

I've followed the experts discuss the VVT-i oil consumption issue. I'm interested in getting a used (4/5 years) corolla hatch, but I have to admit to being uneasy monitoring excessive oil use .Do any of you know of a model that doesn't have this problem? For me the car fits the bill in every other way.

Many thanks

William James
Exceptions to oil burners - cuthbert
As no one else have replied to your question I will give you my limited info that I have !!

It was the 1-8 vvti engines that were troubled with oil burning issue the 2-0 lt vvti engines I believe were not .
The problems starts at about 40,000 miles and many engines were repaired with new engine blocks by Toyota after the 3 year warranty had run out as a good will gesture to customers who had maintained a full Toyota service history.

Which ever one you decide on it would be a good idea to see your local dealer and find out if any work had been done on it or ask them the question above.

If you have a look on the Toyota owners forum and do a search you may find out more information