Frightening experience - bell boy
on the old m62 today doing 70 mph in a fiat siecento 3rd lane no problem ,electric steering wooly as they are, when all of a sudden i lost all power,thinking cambelt gone out of fuel etc then realised my foot had come off the accelerator pedal as its only the size of half a crown
anyone else ever had that dread feeling in a car only to find it was a false alarm?

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frightening experiance - Alby Back
Yep, drove a then brand new Mondeo from Edinburgh to Northampton. Couldn't get it above 50mph and acceleration was rubbish. Went into a Ford dealer to whinge when I got to Northampton.

Guy came out to the car and pulled the mat out from under the pedals.

" Better now sir ? "

frightening experiance - Manatee
I had a similar experience on the M1 - only it was a problem, fortunately only the throttle cable nipple popped off an Audi 80.

With me it's usually an expensive sounding noise that turns out to be on the wireless.
frightening experiance - oilrag
"on the old m62 today doing 70 mph in a fiat siecento 3rd lane no problem"

I was in the garden and thought it was a machine gun - must have been the tappets.....
frightening experiance - Rattle
When my dad changed from his 1.6 Zetec Escort to his 1.3 Endura Fiesta he drove on the M62 just before you get to Leeds and the car really started to slow down he paniced as he felt the engine was loosing power , he soon realised he was going up hill! Its just the Escort had an extra 30bhp so the hills didn't make as much difference.

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frightening experiance - Old Navy
In 19XX was travelling rapidly along lane two of a dual carriageway in a MK2 cortina amongst heavy traffic when it suddenly cut out.
Serious brown trouser moments trying to roll to a safe stop!
It took some time to discover that the contact breaker moving contact had snapped off!
Probably one reason that I have run diesels for the last 20 years, never had one break down on me. Says he tempting fate.
frightening experiance - SpamCan61 {P}
With me it's usually an expensive sounding noise that turns out to be on the

LOL, been there several times recently. A little while ago the background 'music' on one of Wave 105's jingles sounded exactly like the noise a Vauxhall waterpump makes before it 'lets go' and trashes the cambelt. Had me going two or three times before I realised hitting the mute button fixed the problem.
frightening experiance - Bromptonaut
With me it's usually an expensive sounding noise that turns out to be on the

Cassette in my case, c1983 in a Pug 104ZS - something on OMD's Architecture and Morality just as I accelerated over a narrow bridge.

frightening experiance - zookeeper
on the old m62 today doing 70 mph in a fiat siecento 3rd lane no
problem electric steering wooly as they are when all of a sudden i lost all
power thinking cambelt gone out of fuel etc then realised my foot had come off
the accelerator pedal as its only the size of half a crown
anyone else ever had that dread feeling in a car only to find it was
a false alarm?

sounds a bit 5 bob note can you clarify BB?
frightening experiance - Number_Cruncher
One caused by my own stupidity,...

I was driving a truck between Todmorden and Burnley, and there's a small bridge across from one side of the valley to the other with a sharp right turn onto the bridge, and then a left at the other end.

I had slowed down on the approach, and was trimming off the last bit of speed for the tighter left hand bend with the exhaust brake as I crossed the bridge. Foolishly, I decided to change down a couple of gears to accelerate away from the bridge, but hadn't lifted off the exhaust brake.

As soon as I dipped the clutch, of course, the engine stalled, and I lost power steering heading onto the left hand bend... Eek!

Thankfully, the coin fell sufficiently quickly, and while wrestling to get the truck round the bend, I lifted the clutch, and bumped the engine off again, restoring the power steering.

It served me right for trying to do too much at once, and my fancy footwork almost saw me in a bad crash.

frightening experiance - diddy1234
my first car was a Fiat 127 and driving down the motorway the bonnet flipped up.
Fortunately the bonnet tilts forward, but I still had to stick my head out of the window to see forward and pull over onto the hard shoulder quick.

I don't think I done too bad for a recently passed driver (at the time).

My second car was an Astra with a serious oil eating problem.
Only found out when driving down the motorway (5 mins after car purchase) and after 5 miles the engine suddenly sounded like a machine gun. pulled over and quickly sussed out it was the tappets.
Luckily I checked the boot and there was a 5 litre oil can (previous owner knew ?).
Put some oil in and carried on fine.
Long story but saved money, changed engine and then sold the car (ran better when I sold it).
frightening experiance - Pugugly
Trying to change gear on a bike - I pulled the clutch lever in and found that the rear brake had come on.........Suddenly I realised I was on a pedal cycle and not the engined variety.
frightening experiance - Cliff Pope
Delivering a camper van once, the upper front bunk bed suddenly collapsed onto the dashboard while on the motorway. I managed to lift it a fraction to peer under it and steer for the hard shoulder.

Smells are another source of (usually) false alarm. The sudden waft of burning rubber from a bonfire, or the petrol vapour hanging round a filling station.
I've learnt now that that awful smell of burnt out electrical circuit board is just from a lorry braking, possibly some minutes before.
frightening experience - ifithelps
When I was about 13 or 14 I was allowed to reverse the car out of the garage into the farmyard.

I was just easing the clutch when the up-and-over door collapsed onto the car - a Cortina.

Took a second or two to work out what had happened, first thing I spotted was the broken radio aerial.

It then dawned on me the door was resting on the roof of the car.

Damage limited to the aerial and a gouge in the vinyl roof which we managed to fill with some black stuff, although you could still see it.

frightening experience - menu du jour
I think my most heart-stopping moment was a large winged insect [a bee IIRC] came in through on open window, hit my chest and landed in my lap [oh yes].
In the midst of traffic at the time but managed to find a spot to leap out of the car and dispose of my passenger.
frightening experience - Alby Back
Circa 1977. Triumph Spitfire. No roof. Flicked cherry end of fag gets caught up in 50 mph airflow. Performs aerobatic display and shoots up leg of shorts. Not easy to drive a Spitfire at 50 mph standing up screaming.....

frightening experience - David Horn
Hired a Citroen van. Gearbox was exceptionally wooly and I spent most of a trip from Leeds to Edinburgh complaining about how appalling the performance in the lower gears was (vast majority of it was in a traffic jam...). Every time I pulled away I almost stalled.

After about an hour - and most of the clutch - it eventually twigged on me that I'd been pulling away in 3rd gear. Oops.
frightening experience - Mookfish
A few year ago I bought a Renault automatic in stockport, first auto I ever drove, got on the motorway on the way back to liverpool. The car seemed to be struggling to accelerate upto motorway speeds, pushing the paddle further to the floor... and thats when I discovered the kickdown feature of automatics, luckily I had clear road in front of me as I had been going a little slow upto that point.

Edit: DH's story reminds me of when I was 17, in scarbourgh with some friends in a fiesta, the guy driving stalls the car trying to set off, he restarts the engine with his foot on the clutch and trys again, stall it. This carries on for 3 or 4 changes of the lights until it finnaly twigs, he had it in third not first. As it was his mums car we were all sworn to secrecy in case the cluch died anytime soon.

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frightening experience - bathtub tom
Riding a m'bike along a de-restricted late one wet night. The '50s 6V headlamp picked up what appeared to be a brick in the road, too late to avoid.

It was a soggy cardboard box.
frightening experience - Lud
It was a soggy cardboard box.

I had the opposite experience in a Land Rover in the middle of a Sussex village. I thought it was a cereal box or similar but it was a breeze block, standing on edge, that I ran over with both offside wheels. Dents in both rims but no visible tyre damage.

Very alarming moment though with parked cars close on the left. Have to say the (elderly long wheelbase) Land Rover behaved impeccably and wasn't damaged otherwise.
frightening experience - oilrag
1960`s - 0pen face `Jet Helmet`with flying goggles

1) Large wasp straight into the gap at the side - fastest stop ever from 40mph
2) Bluebottle hit front teeth (slightly open) at 60mph and disintegrated into a hundred bits on my tongue.
3) large unidentified flying insect at 90mph - struck between top of goggles and helmet. Felt like Goliath receiving the stone..

There were so many more insects in those days

1982 - despite headlight on a chap in a car pulled straight out in front of me from a side road - then looked at me and froze - stationary across the centre of the road, but blocking all of the nearside..

You know how time seems to slow in those situations.....
best of it was I was only doing 30mph but this was right in front of me

Braked hard for a second - about to hit him broadside - brakes off - peg scraping bank RIGHT into the offside gutter - flip back on full bank regaining my side of the road as a car came towards me.

Now, I`d pre planned a reaction for just this scenario and another second less time and I would have leaped off the pegs and tried to clear his roof in a `land dive` onto the road beyond (having been good at this at school gym)
Anything to avoid a slide into solid contact.

I must say, I was loosing my nerve on bikes at the time due to the actions of car drivers and this was about the last straw before I joined them again full time.

frightening experience - oilrag
I should add that a friend of mine had a similar situation (car pull-out) many years ago - tried what I did but couldn`t get the bike back and went straight into a concrete bus shelter at the other side of the road. This then fell on top of him and crushed him to death while the engine of the bike kept on running..
He was 16yrs in 1965 and it was his first week on a 650..

That`s always been on my mind too as we were mates all through school and used to ride together.
frightening experience - aylesby
Driving in steady traffic on the M6 some ten yards behind a flat back truck that went over a bump and dropped a one hundred weight bag of plaster off the end. I had time to work out I could not move out of the way before the bag broke on impact with the road and I drove through the paper.
frightening experience - b308
Had a similar experience to Lud and BT, it had been snowing and there was a lot of slush around - came round a bend and there was this lump of snow in the middle of the road... but it wasn't, it was a large stone... luckily I didn't damage anything but it did make a loud bang when I hit it...
frightening experience - oilrag
Doing a steady 70mph on the A64 (York Bypass about 4 years ago) a car came down one of those little short exits from an fast food place - didn`t stop as expected, but put it straight onto the carriageway at around 10mph about 15 yards in front and with a 60mph closing speed.
I swerved straight into the offside lane and around it... but wasn`t 100% sure there was nothing there.... It was that or a mighty impact straight into it.
Nasty that. We pulled off ourselves at the next opportunity and so did the car. A bloke from the passenger seat apologized profusely, he had seen it all in frozen horror - his girlfriend driving had just passed her test.
frightening experience - Pugugly
M6 the other week, closing on some Numpty in a Ford Explorer - I was in lane 3 around 80mph - lit up like the proverbial and he pulled out in front of me - I was within inches of disaster - brakes full on avoided the collision - glad it wasn't wet he couldn't have looked.
frightening experience - Lud
One of those moments when you are glad you had the brakes done after all PU....Just as well you weren't on a racing Yamaha doing 185 really, I can't help thinking.
frightening experience - Martin Devon
That`s always been on my mind too as we were mates all through school and
used to ride together.

Well Oilrag that's really got to me considering what I have got away with over the years.

frightening experience - Bromptonaut
It was a soggy cardboard box.

Emergency brake for an unidentified movement between urban parked cars. Kids?, big dog? no, it was a sheet of newspaper.

And on a pushbike in the West End a very rapid deviation to avoid a broken "stubby" beer bottle that turned out to be a squashed cucumber!!

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frightening experience - ifithelps
... Flicked cherry end of fag gets caught up in 50 mph airflow....

There was a case many years ago of a fag end thrown from a moving car that wedged itself in the open-face helmet of a following motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist was sufficiently distracted to fall off and he died from his injuries.

frightening experience - bathtub tom
I've had that onto a visor at night. The ensuing firework display is unforgettable.
frightening experience - bathtub tom
As for cars pulling out:

1965 IIRC, A5 near Hinckley. Learner pulls out of side road, and stalls a few yards up the road. I'm doing about 50MPH and can't stop in time, high kerb to N/S, lorry coming opposite way - no thanks. I line up on rear bumper with brakes full on. I do lovely somersault over bars (so I'm told) and land on my back on roof of car slipping gracefully down windscreen. It had been raining and wiper was vertical, straight up the crack of my rrrrrs!

It looked much worse than it was, probably because of the blood. Local midwife saw it happen and had me face down on the (wet) verge with my pants down, before dismissing it as a scratch. That was the scariest part!
frightening experience - bell boy
going to leeds auctions about 11 years ago in a vauxhall carlton and it was the time of night when it was half light (i hate half light) anyway i came upon a pallet in the road i couldnt go left as there were roadworks,i couldnt go right because there was a large lorry and i couldnt slow down because a vehicle behind was too near so i drove straight over it and sustained no damage
i was amazelled

as for pulling out i know that fast food place well on the A64, the slip road is better than it was but its still a dangerous place to be when the roads busy and you can neither slow down or pull out as a muppet full of burger thinks they can shut their eyes and mingle because thats what the book of words says
frightening experience - Mookfish
that fast food place well on the A64 the
slip road is better than it was but its still a dangerous place to be

I too know that place, I grew up in York and as a learner I had someone pull out in front of me there, the instuctor was quite impressed with my emergency stop!
Frightening experience - the swiss tony
wet day... going into London along the western avenue, on my Kawasaki.
coming up to the Hoover building (in the days that junction was traffic light controlled)
lights at green for me, fairly busy 8.30am'ish...
a page from a newspaper is blowing around - then wraps itself around my crash helmet.
what to do? visor clipped down with poppers both sides.
decide to stop - keeping as straight as possible - blind.... will following traffic stop behind me? will I just crash?

I stop (requiring clean undies) unclip visor, to find lights at red, a car in front of me, one behind.
gap between me and car in front? about 6 inches.... PHEW!
Frightening experience - wazza
I think it was in 1989 in Yorkshire when it snowed heavily. The snow was piled up high at the side of the road making the carriageway narrow. Was driving along in my Fiat Mirafiori when a car pulled out in front of me causing me to swerve. I saw a cloud of white mist and found myself stuck on top of a snow bank. The basket drove off. A kind guy in a landrover towed me out. When i opened the bonnet the engine bay was packed solid with snow. It was Sunday night, was on my way to Nottingham, had to be at work in the morning. So i decided to drive on. Got home safely. Snow melted thanks to the engine heat. Checked car in the morning. Damage - horn wire came off and a bent number plate. All fixed in minutes.

To the guy who pulled me out thanks for your help.
Frightening experience - wazza
Rebuilt a Honda CB125 twin (destricted). Took it for a test run. Was travelling at 60mph when i heard a scraping noise. Looked down and saw the centre stand hanging off. Had to stop quickly and pray that it does not come off and go under the rear wheel. It might make me lose control. When i came to a stop it just dropped off. Did not know whether to laugh or not.
Frightening experience - AshT
Bought a Renault 19 a few years ago, and driving it home went over a pot hole. Immediately it started making an awful grinding and clattering noise. I pulled in, switched off, lifted the bonnet, couldn't see anythng obvious. Started up again, no noise, started pulling back onto the road, and the noise started again. This time when I stopped I looked underneath to find the seller had removed the spare and not tightened up the cage for the spare which was dragging on the road behind the car.
Frightening experience - oilrag
"Well Oilrag that's really got to me considering what I have got away with over the years."

I felt a degree of discomfort for years over that.

Prior to his crash, we both had Honda 90`s and had been out to the lake district and rode up a dirt track at Coniston, up the `Old Man` to the slate quarry at the top. He was not a natural` at bike control and on the way there had overtaken me in traffic - then unable to slow enough and hit the car in front with his front wheel.
His back wheel came up at that and he creased the front mudguard on his bike. Fortunately it was almost stationary at that point and the old chap he hit had a 50`s car with those solid steel strip bumpers.

He overtook me out of frustration as I was still in the final stage of running in the engine - while he had not bothered to do so.

This situation of me running the bike in had a direct effect causing his death I believe, because on the return trip I opened the Honda up for the first time and my (identical - but for the running in) bike literally just left his standing. A few minutes and he was half a mile behind and visible as just a spec in my mirrors.
Of course I then waited for him - but it didn`t go down well.

I never saw him again - a couple of weeks later his doting parents (only child) put him on a 650 and he went into the concrete roofed bus shelter.

We had actually been having this `running in` debate in the last year at school - me for and him against.

I`m sure if it hadn`t been so effective in giving more power to my engine he would not have wanted the 650.. You can imagine my blood running cold as that went through my mind as a 16yr old.
Frightening experience - jaffa
Plenty over the years, but one has always stuck in my mind. I was working for a courier company out of Swindon and had a van load of print, very heavy. I was driving on the fosse way had just crested a brow of a hill. Had used the road a lot and knew there was a long downhill straight. In the distance I can see a tractor towing a trailer of hay, and an artic overtaking him, I slow down and time things so the truck can finish his pass and I can still make progress. The fly in the ointment was the other artic right behind the first one, my chooses were rather limited I could join him in his cab, but probably not in the same shape or form that I had started the day with, or take my tranny off roading. As my life was not that bleak, and I had a deadline to meet, I choose the latter. The transit did quite well, missed a sign post, a few trees, bounced my way back onto the road still facing the direction I was going but in the wrong lane looking at a very pale couple in their car. Needless to say truck did not stop, but tractor driver did.
Frightening experience - Lud
New Jersey Turnpike, US 1 I think, 1973, heading towards New York following a friend in his then almost-new VW 411 Variant auto. I was in my just-bought Plymouth slant six auto which had an oval steering wheel and pushbutton transmission.

Friend was some way ahead. I was in the r/h nearside lane behind an artic. Everyone trundling along at 40 or 50. There was a car over my left shoulder, driving at the same speed as me. Plenty of space between me and the truck. So I floored it hoping kickdown would shoot me forward far enough to come out ahead of that car and move up closer to my friend.

The Plymouth was no muscle car though and gathered speed in leisurely fashion. I glanced left. The carphound was keeping pace with me! Foot still hard down, I looked ahead again. The lorry was braking heavily. Yaroo! I hit the brake pedal. All the wheels locked and the lorry's back end was coming at me faster and faster. I was going under there for an absolute certainty! Aaaargh!

It really does all slow down at such moments. I still find it hard to believe that I managed to do the right thing which began with a counter-intuitive move: I took my foot off the brake pedal to recover some steering, steered right onto the very debris-strewn hard shoulder missing the corner of the truck by inches and straightened up again - American steering remember, at least a whole turn each way with that oval wheel. The tail of the car went out on the second swerve that took me up the inside beside the truck - now moving forward again - and clouted the earth bank, without damage. I stopped there and lit a cigarette. Heart going about 300. One of my nearest ever.
Frightening experience - marty1979
Sat in traffic, listening to the radio, minding my own business, only to watch in horror as a moth the size of a pack of regal king size climbs out from the windscreen blower vents and decides it wants me as it's new best friend. The traffic of course starts to move and I'm driving along looking like someone's just poured a freezing cold glass of water down my back as the moth flys somewhere behind me. Pulled over a soon as I could, and managed to convince it to leave. Watched it fly off and I swear it was wearing steel toe-capped boots. I don't like moths.
Frightening experience - bathtub tom
>>I don't like moths.

Nor do I , since sitting round a campfire one dark night doing my ging-gang-gooly bit with a mug of hot vegetable soup and one of the lumps started fluttering it's wings inside my mouth!
Frightening experience - Lud
>>I don't like moths.

I don't really mind them myself. But when one flies around my face when I am reading at night, I get a strange sensation that fur is growing inside my throat. I don't really mind it, it just freaks me out a bit.
Frightening experience - oilrag
You should have seen the giant oriental cockroach in my room last March... as big as a mouse - but flying

same as in Africa Lud?

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Frightening experience - Alby Back
Oily, I tried some of that Aldi brandy once too. In my case it was huge spiders.....

Frightening experience - oilrag
Many years ago one (Giant Cockroach) was caught and put on my hand as part of the initiation ceremony. Also had to smile (in a cool way) while eating a Ballut which is an egg cooked with a fully formed chick inside. You crack to top and start with the beak.

Then I had to eat a chow pow (or something) knowing it was cooked rat meat. turned out that was a joke (told after having eaten it) After many more such tests - (such as swimming under the keel of a boat) won the heart of the future Mrs Oilrag...

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Frightening experience - Alby Back
That's kinda cool I s'pose !
Frightening experience - Pugugly
Masonic thing ?
Frightening experience - Lud
There was an outdoor restaurant behind my hotel in Chad in the early eighties, one of the two poshest in the country. Barbecue and waiters' counter by the bandstand, chairs and tables arranged round the - empty actually - swimming pool. Nice view across the river into Cameroun.

As dusk fell the larger, higher-flying insects were scooped up by huge sniggering furry bats around the nearby trees. The lower, smaller ones were attracted by the patent uv insect trap hanging from the bandstand roof and flew into it electrocuting themselves with constant tiny zapping sounds, their smoking corpses raining down on the ground below the trap. Presently movement was apparent under the tables as numerous frogs hopped silently among the diners' feet on their way from the garden towards the venue of their nightly feast.

Everyone carried one eating in urbane, and it must be admitted less urbane, style. It was the same every night after all.
Frightening experience - Alby Back
There was a bullfrog as big as a football which used to hang around a restaurant in southern Brazil near where I used to live. It had learned that diners would feed it.

I had a Ford Landau at the time which got shot at once in deference to the thread.....
Frightening experience - Lud
Ford Landau at the time which got shot at once in deference to

Heh heh... was it hit though HB?

My room in that hotel (in deference to) had a bullet hole in the plateglass window to the balcony. But the rest of the glass was intact, and I have to admit I hadn't been there when the bullet was fired...

By the way, you never said whether or not you were down there in some sort of connection with the leather trade ... I think you want people to believe you were hiding from Curly King or the Richardsons actually....

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Frightening experience - perro
Was driving a Bedford TK along the Albert embankment in London, laden to the hilt with reams of paper, freezing cold morning and ice on road ... a vehicle pulls out causing me to hit the brakes ... lorry starts to slide and I lose all steering & braking control ...
something (up there) straightens lorry out and puts me back on course (and it wasn't me!)
Frightening experience - oilrag
Never get out of the car at the top of Glencoe and stand looking down into it. ;-)

`Fast Jets` yeah... a bit loud too, at around 30ft.
Frightening experience - Old Navy
`Fast Jets` yeah... a bit loud too at around 30ft.

I have experienced that when skiing, Harrier exhaust is nice and warm, but a bit smelly.
Frightening experience - Halmer
I once trapped my flares in the door of my Ford Escort and soiled myself when my foot wouldn't reach the brake pedal.

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Frightening experience - Lud
Heh heh Halmer, a true story of the seventies... very funny.
Frightening experience - Pugugly
First BMW I had with half decent DSC and ABS software - driving back from a late night job in pouring rain an arrogant rate of knots, lorry pulls out from a slip road, slam on fully expecting a righteous and messy death and the car switches lane as if nothing had happened. I carped myself.
Frightening experience - jag
1967 a bsa c15. passed a lorry after a series of bends, when the lorry driver starts to welly it clouds of smoke and sparks come out of the exhaust into my left eye ( open face helmet with half face visor). heck it was sore, i nearly fell off in front of the truck.
year later on a barracuda ( progress eh? ) going flat out when a low flying seagull smacks off the top of my helmet, good job i had my head down.
the most frightening incident was in the winter going to work on the c15.
hard packed snow with snow banks, in one tricky section i slowed to about 20mph and this fuel tanker driver thinks it is agood idea to follow at less than a cars length. how he was going to stop if i fell off i don't think he had worked out.
didn't have a car in those days so the bike was a neccessary evil in the conditions. jag.

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Frightening experience - bonzodog
1985, in my first few months as a car salesman & a chap came in with a mint Capri to PX. We went for a drive in his car (him driving) & I took him to a very tight right hand junction, as per sales process. With the Capri having such a long bonnet he was struggling to see around the corner but I presumed he had seen the motorbike coming our way ......... when he pulled out into it's path!

As the bike bounced over the bonnet of this mint Capri & the rider flew past the windscreen, he said "What the XXXX was that?"

Fortunately the rider appeared unhurt & the driver gave his name, address & insurance details but they agreed on £200 to save going through any insurance.

As we drove back to the dealership he said "so I take it my car's not worth quite what it was a few minutes ago"!

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Frightening experience - Westpig
As we drove back to the dealership he said "so I take it my car's
not worth quite what it was a few minutes ago"!

that's reminded me Mr Dog....In 2002 i decided to treat myself (after a divorce) and was looking at buying a new X Type. I was thinking maybe a high spec 2.5 auto, but wanted to experience the difference between the 2.5 and the 3.0 to make sure the 2.5 was up to it and I wasn't missing out too much (ended up buying a 2nd hand 3.0 S Type).

Anyway, a main dealer in the Westcountry was excellent for personal service (sadly they've sold out to a large chain now), so I duly got my test drives.

Now, the Old Bill have taught me to drive swiftly if I wish to... and to make full use of all possible vision opportunities to ensure you can 'make progress'. I duly did that along an 'A' road i knew very well as I grew up down there. There's one bit, with some undulating roads, that also become a bit twisty that you do get a very brief look at the whole road ahead, but if you're not aware you miss it..and i'm not convinced you see much from the passenger side...anyway, I went for an overtake on a lorry that to the uninitiated looked like an overtake with no vision around a corner. The salesman's reaction was hilarious...a big grab of the FM handle and his feet doing a Salsa in the footwell. I confessed all on the boring bit on the way back, but he didn't look overly convinced.
Frightening experience - bell boy
Westpig in the 1970"s the chief constable of lincolnshire said use the whole road if its safe to do so on country lanes as its safer to cut a line if you can see than to keep to the left
i still use this knowledge but sparingly
Frightening experience - George Porge
I once had to move my car to let my brother off the drive, I swapped my slippers for an old pair of boots in the garage (the boots were well worn and very comfortable, I never used to fasten them 80 percent of the time). I jumped in the car and moved it off the drive, it then dawned on me that the local rag would have just arrived at the newspaper shop, so I belted up and bimbled to the top of the cul de sac. As I approached the give way my right foot went for the brake and nothing, I pushed harder, nothing, I pushed harder again with panic and just felt the brake pedal, one final push saw the car lurch to a halt well over the give way.

The moral of this story, if you must wear work boots with out fastening the laces make sure you don't shut them in the car door..............................
Frightening experience - mustangman
Many years ago, concentrating on radio trying to manually tune radio luxemberg, ( you know with a knob on an analogue radio. ) Station found, looked up to see lane going straight up over humpback bridge, vw beetle doing 60 ish, take rallycross leap off road and land in garden of cottage just over the bridge. Very dented car & pride.
Frightening experience - William Stevenson
When many people with many years and miles of driving and riding contribute to a long discussion, it is possible to learn quite a lot. Very educational.
Frightening experience - gmac
1989 Driving down to Sheffield one Monday morning from Oop North using the M62 between A1 and M1, in the middle lane doing 70-ish junction before the M1 turn off and noticed something fall of the flatbed in front of me.

Whatever it was bounced up, smashed the windscreen, shards of 'safety' glass upto 8" in length like knife blades shower me.
Luckily I had sunglasses on, one lens was broken by flying glass, cuts to my eyebrow and cheek, glass everywhere inside the car.

Recovery bloke couldn't believe the mess inside the car, the windscreen had completely caved in.
Frightening experience - craig-pd130

Mine was just 7 years ago. On my Suzi triple at about 40mph, going through a village near Chelford (Cheshire) on the way towards Jodrell Bank. I rounded a tree-lined blind corner to find a 10-ton lorry stationary across the entire road, it had reversed out of a farm track.

I can only remember two things.

1) Thinking "oh deary me, I wonder how I shall go about avoiding hitting the rather solid-looking rear end of that lorry when it's only a matter of yards away ... "

2) Realising that I'd come to a stop on the narrow pavement next to the road, and BEHIND the lorry's back end.

My 'internal robot' had evidently taken over, spotted a low part of the kerb just before lorry and steered the bike toward it while braking.

It was one of those when you start physically shaking afterwards. I now approach blind corners with even more caution.