02 1.9 diesel tdi turbo loss eng code avf - mickeybo
On above vehicle wastegate valve vac port
getting 27 inhg. But on port out side to vnt actuater no vacuum at all.
A attaching a jump wire from wastegate valve supply terminal to solonoid
valve supply terminal and a temperary jump wire from solonoid earth to
a temperary earth. After starting engine solonoid valve actuates. This
valve has a 2 pin feed red/white 12v feed. Earth return to ecu brown/yellow.
I have disconnected ecu multi plug and getting a 12v feed at earth return
pin no 62. With ecu plug re attached and connecting multimeter across
solonoid valve 2 pin plug ign on voltage at this point is only 9.8 volts
any feed back greatly accepted

02 1.9 diesel tdi turbo loss eng code avf - craig-pd130
sounds like either the male or female connector has a break in it. Prob. worth changing the N75 valve for a new one -- they can commonly fail -- if that doesn't work then the fault is probably in the connector plug or the wiring leading to the plug.

Good luck